WINSLOW the Idiot!

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  1. He wants more $$$, who doesn't!!! I've busted my butt for 15 years.... I want more $$$. Seriously, he is a MORON!!! He is quoted saying! I deserve it after these last 2 years. What about the 2 lost years that the Browns payed for....Typical pro athlete. Winslow is lucky to be alive.

    Sports to me is losing it's hype. I no longer like basketball, that game is ridiculous. Baseball is a joke, more allegations everyday, and very boring to watch unless it's October. Plus it's not even American anymore!!! Golf-LOL enough lol... What's left....the media ran, overpaid football league. As I get older all these Pro Sports get less and less interesting...To much $$$, Media, BS, hype, CHEATING, Drugs, alcohol, guns, you name it.....they are supposed to be role models.....I guess they are role models for greedy generations to come, more money values, just more money......
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    I too get more tired of pro sports. I think major college sports are bad too though, hell.... the athletes dont even get that revenue though!

  3. He has done well on the field the last couple years...but for a guy who has had a couple surgeries and possibly looking at another to gripe about money in the manner in which he has isnt very smart, but then again look at my guy Chad down in Cincinnati;)

  4. Golf is just about the last professional sport where you are paid strictly on your performance.

    There is a very, very limited number of pro golfers that get the big endorsement dollars like Tiger Woods does.

    Golfers are on their own. They don't have other team mates to pick up the slack if they're having an off day. They don't take home a hefty check if they sit out on the bench with a hangnail. If they don't participate in a tournament, they get nothing. They can't hold out for more money. They either golf or go hungry. They start the tourney on Thursday. They golf with 149 (on average) other golfers. If they golf well enough on Thursday and Friday, they make 'the cut'. If not, they go home empty handed (no money). If they do make the cut, the field is now narrowed by half (75 other golfers, on average). If they win, they get the big check, usually about a million dollars. Last place, which isn't really last place since half of the field was eliminated on Friday, usually pays about $3000.

    They say it takes about $40,000 a year in expenses to be a pro golfer (traveling, food, drycleaning, ect). There isn't a team owner picking up the tab for golfers. If you don't prove yourself throughout the year, and don't get on the list of top 150 money winners, your card gets yanked and you go back to Q school, and give it another go, if you have the cash to do so.

    So, in my opinion, Golf is one of the last American sports where if you don't stay on top of your A game and give a good performance each and every week, you won't be a pro golfer for long.
  5. What about Pro fishing???:D
  6. Hey Het-

    Golf in my thread was for the purpose of enjoyment that I get from Golf, that is ZERO- can't watch a guy hitting a ball around and trying to get it in a cup. Maybe the Masters on the last hole I'll watch.. it is just my opinion that golf is boring, like watching some other sports. bowling, tennis, cycling, curling, basketball,to name a few. I completely understand your theory on Golf as a single person sport, kinda understand that real well, sorta sounds like Professional Fishing. Yeah, u can blame your partner every once in awhile, but I'm sure caddy's get there fair share of tongue lashings also.

    Another hit to golf is Tiger Woods, yep, great for the sport in one way, but also kinda lame when no one can beat him. There's only excitement when he loses, people want to see him lose just like most wanted the Patriots to lose.

    My point was Professional Sports being to much about money, and GOLF is another prime example.... If TIGER WOODS does not get paid a certain amount of Money to play a tournament, then he says NOPE, and the tournament goes to crap because people only want to see Tiger...He plays in the Majors and whatever other events that pay him what he wants. It's funny how he actually gets paid more to be at the event then he gets to win the event.

    Some pro sports that are individual...

    Darts,Billiards,Bowling,Fencing,Snowboarding,Skiing,Cycling,Relay Runners,Tennis,Boxing,Ultimate fighting,Fishing, and on and on....

    Either way, Winslow is still a MORON!!!!!!!!
  7. Tiger, or any other golfer, for that matter, do not receive appearance money at any PGA sanctioned events, including The Masters or any other Major. They can, however (and usually do), get an appearance fee to appear at non-PGA sanctioned events in order to bring interest to the event.

    This goes right back to my point. If you ain't no good, no one is going to pay you to bring interest to their tourney, because, most likely, no one is interested.
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    Tiger Woods just got 3 million for just showing up in Dubai for the Dubai Desert Classic. It definately doesn't suck to be Tiger Woods!
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    Well isn't that what the professional part of sports is supposed to be about...??? Tiger Woods annual golf winnings are just a fraction of his total annual income.

    And I do believe most wanted to see New England lose because their coach got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. ;)

    BTW...I'm an give me all your money...! :D
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    Man, if that was true I could be a billionaire by now LOL :D
  11. It is sad how money is the driving force of all professional sports, but IMO...give the man more money. We are better with him than without him.
  12. I can't believe he thinks he should get more money. Please!! You have a contract until 2010 play that out and then see what happens. It's not like your the league MVP or we even got to the playoffs. The browns should tell him to shut up or bench him until 2010 then we'll see how much he is worth.
  13. Is there a single professional athlete that anyone would rather be???

    As for the money in sports...that's all driven by the consumer. I can't personally blame a guy that wants more money based on performance. When you perform at a high level in whatever your occupation is, don't you feel that you derserve more money? The bottom line is that most people get frustrated with athletes because it's what most kids grow up dreaming about. Do I get sick of the whining? Of course...but it's not going away any time soon. Personally, if it bothered me that much...I would stop watching.
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    Winslow deserves to get his contract extended. There are 12 TE's that are getting more $$$$$$$ than he is and only one had more receiving yards. (Gonazalez KC) Winslow is due to make 4million this season.
    He is one of the hardest working players in the NFL. He could of easily given up after back to back seasons lost to injury. He came back stronger and faster than ever. He dominates!! Give him the extension...LOOOOONNG TERM DEAL!!!!
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    winslow had a good year i have to give him that, but more money????? hell no the guy is a head case and who knows when he will decide to do something stupid again. if good behavior continues over the next season or two give him more money. Greedy players piss me off if he eats up a bunch of cap room then its harder for the browns to build a team around him. Thats why you have to tip your cap to a guy like Sidney Crosby in hockey he could of taken the pens for all he could get but instead took a decent amount of money so the team could still have enough money to build a team around him and keep key players
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    The Browns could have voided his contract after the stupid motorcycle accident, which he wasn't allowed to be doing in the first place. As would most teams, they looked the other way while he sat getting his guaranteed contract money. The owners are the ones to blame, constantly redoing contracts at the behest of their star players. How often can a normal person go to renegotiate?
    We would get thrown out of the office, and be looking for another job next week, and we don't make millions of dollars.
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    As long as the money isn't coming directly from my pocket, I say give him more money! That's what it takes present day if you want to keep a team together and actually bring some sort of championship to Cleveland in the near future. He's a SOLID playmaker.

    The raise he is asking for is going to be chump change when we hear what CC Sabathia wants to stay in Cleveland!
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    There are actually very few Professional Bass Anglers that can make it on their winnings alone. For many $130,000.00 is the break even point. It's the nature of tourneys that only the few at the top make money the rest are contributors. They rely on their sponsors to make a go at it. It's a win win situation though if an angler can bring more money into the hands of their sponsors by increasing sales.
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    People get into "entertainment " to make money and a lot of them make it big time !