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  1. I usually fish this lake paying $10 bucks at Copelands and launching my pontoon or small rowboat from their dock. But with the water so low Copelands bay is all muck. So I know I'm cheating buy launching at the RR tracks. Every time I go there I see numerous shore fisherman along the tracks and they leave every bit of trash they touch on the shore. I am so disgusted by their actions I am calling the game warden and turning myself in just so these idiots can be held accountable for littering. I'm sick of picking up their trash. Pass the word......I'm Pi$$3d!!!
  2. I know its not everyone, but shore fishing should be illegal bcuz all the bums litter so bad around the lakes. I hate to say it but it is true. These a$$holes trash the land and the lakes. I know boats put gas and oil in the water and all that, but atleast its not a dirty eyesoar like all these bums trash . Most these damn shore fisherman(sorry if you are not one them) can not even clean up after themselves. Keep being a piece of crap and destroying our land. Ban shore fishing or increase the litter fine on lakes and rivers and go give some tickets somehow. Set up a camera for a day you guys can set them up hidden on the roads. Set some up on rivers and shores of lakes and frighten people, im sick of the philth.

  3. PASS THE WORD is right joe. Lets keep replying on this thread and keep it near the top of the forum.
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    You're absolutely right Joe about the lazy hogs leaving trash along the shore lines. I wonder how many lazy hogs are fishing from boats and sinking there trash in the lakes ?
  5. I met a couple of guys at Mog. Bait that where on there way out to Wingfoot yesterday. I told them that the DNR was looking at that spot and rumored to be writing tickets for littering.

    I did e-mail the state about my thoughts on Wingfoot and its littering problem.
    I also aquired a couple of numbers to call. I will also be calling Goodyear.
  6. Joe, You needn't bother advising them about trash. Goodyear don't care about wingfoot since the last good park manager was 'railroaded' out of there! He'd personally run the trashers out of there but he was just one guy! if it don't impact their 'bottom line'-they're all business these days and they flat don't care about it! Not up on the latest transactions on the property but, if they catch you launching over there while they still own most of the lake, they WILL make life miserable for you. They are, and always were, tough on tresspassers. Used to have their police force patrolling the property lines out there.
  7. Forgive me if I'm wrong but, I thought you had to be a member of thr Goodyear Hunting and Fishing club in order to fish at Wingfoot?!$
  8. This is not one problem at one lake. This is the reason Akron has made it nearly impossible for people to fish East Branch, LaDue, Rockwell.......and maybe others that I just do not know about.

    We bitch about not being allowed to fish places.....its because idiot fishermen litter like crazy.

    For every person who helps clean up shorelines......there are twenty who litter. Sorry Joe.......thats reality. Pisses me off too Joe.
  9. I agree, litter by shore fisherman is a problem anywhere you go. The same guys that leave their trash behind wonder why the fishing has subsided at their favorite hole.
  10. Yea, I guess its something I have to find away to live with. I just can't see how some one can be so narrow minded or selfish to think some one else will pick up their trash.

    I remember a family trip to Niagra Falls when I was a kid....I ran to the side of the river and the first thing I wanted to do was find a rock and throw it in. Why? I don't know, but just seemed like the thing to dad stopped me and asked "what if every kid who came here threw a rock in the water, what would the river be like if they did?" He explained that everything we do has an effect on something or some one, and to think, I just wanted to throw a rock in the water.