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Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by c. j. stone, May 26, 2007.

  1. Anyone get on Wingfoot recently. If Copeland's is launching, I might try out there for some crappie. Used to do very well around this time when Goodyear Park was open.
  2. Big bummer - Wingfoot is closed, and Copeland won't let you put a boat in off his ramp anymore. You might be able to sneak a little jon boat into the water -- he wouldn't let us put in our 14 footer. The minute we pulled into his parking lot, he (I assume it was Mr. Copleand) shot out of his house hollering "No! No!" - so we bugged out and left. My dad works for GY, and he says that GY is selling Wingfoot to the Ohio DNR. I'm not sure when the sale will happen or how long it will take to get the park re-opened, but I hope whenever it happens they put in some good campsites. It's a great lake. Take care!

  3. for the info. I didn't know Copeland's was not launching. You prob. saved me a trip!
  4. Agent47

    Agent47 Trying to pull it in!!!!

    Here is the DNR's last response. Hope it helps a bit.

    Another Akron area institution is up for sale: Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.'s Wingfoot Lake.

    The Akron rubber company confirmed Thursday that it is interested in selling the 522-acre lake and the adjacent 150-acre private recreational park in Portage County's Suffield Township.

    The sale plan excludes land on the southeast end of the lake where Goodyear's blimp hangar is located.

    Company spokesman Keith Price said the company wants to sell the lake and recreational park to a party that will maintain the facilities for public outdoor recreation.

    The company is not interested in selling to a developer for housing, condominiums or other uses, he said.

    Goodyear is declining to name any potential buyers until a deal for Wingfoot Lake is finalized, Price said, although the company is eying governmental entities.

    What the selling price might be remains unknown, and there is no timetable for the sale, he said.

    'We've decided to sell it and see where it goes,' he said.

    The potential buyer that best meets Goodyear's description is the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

    Department spokeswoman Jane Beathard said the state has not acquired Wingfoot Lake and is not in direct negotiations to purchase it.

    She added that the state would be very interested in the Goodyear property if such a deal could be worked out.

    Two other potential buyers for the property could be Metro Parks, Serving Summit County and the Portage County Park District.

    Metro Parks Director Keith Shy said Goodyear has offered to sell the lake and land to the district in the past, but Metro Parks is not interested in acquiring the property, which is outside Summit County, he said, even though some park districts own land in other counties.

    The Portage County Park District has been unable to pass a levy and is not in a position to purchase Wingfoot Lake, Director Christine Craycroft said.

    Goodyear approached the park system in the past two years, she said, but the facility would have required high operating and maintenance costs and such a purchase 'was not a good thing for us.'

    Christopher Knopf, director of the Trust for Public Land, a nonprofit outfit with a Cleveland office that often negotiates park purchases as a third party, declined comment on Wingfoot Lake.

    Goodyear purchased the lake, which drains into the Little Cuyahoga River, in 1916 to be assured of having enough water for its rubber-making operations in Akron. At that time, it was known as Fritsch's Lake

    In 1968, the recreational facility was restricted to Goodyear workers and retirees, becoming an area landmark. It was the place where Goodyear played host to its picnics and reunions and where generations of Goodyear children grew up on summer weekends.

    The complex off Waterloo Road near state Route 43 includes picnic shelters; playgrounds; softball fields; tennis, basketball, bocci and shuffleboard courts; a miniature golf course; a golf driving range; docks; a pontoon boat cruise; pedal boats; and a canteen.

    Price said Goodyear decided that it was not worth the cost to maintain and operate the recreational complex because of declining use.

    'The decision was made that it does not make sense to do that anymore,' he said of operating the park and lake. 'It was no longer efficient to operate it for our exclusive use.'

    Price said he was unable to provide yearly attendance figures for the complex or to estimate how much money the company might save by selling the facility.

    If a public agency buys and takes over the Wingfoot Lake complex, he said, Goodyear workers and retirees, along with the public, would be able to enjoy the facilities.

    'It was great for everyone involved in the Goodyear family... for a long, long time,' said Ron Criss of Canal Fulton, who retired in 1991 after 42 years at Goodyear. 'It will be sad to lose it.'

    The complex also houses the clubhouse of the Goodyear Hunting and Fishing Club, which has more than 500 members.

    The club, which is no longer associated with the company, could lose its clubhouse, depending on how accommodating the new owner might be, Price said.

    Criss, vice president of the club, said the club is pretty much in limbo.

    'We could lose the clubhouse, but we're not sure right now,' he said. 'We have no place else to go. But it's not something that we've really looked into.'

    Reports of a possible sale of Wingfoot Lake came as no surprise to hunting and fishing club members, Criss said, because rumors have been brewing for several years.

    In the past, the club had stocked the lake with walleye and trout, but that was last done about four years ago, he said.

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  5. As of last year Copelands was still renting his own boats. Not sure about the current season but if I get out that way I will ask.

  6. Erterbass

    Erterbass Ohio Angler

    Last I was there you could still rent boats at Copeland's - but trying to launch your own would be, at best, a challenge. Doesn't seem to me to be the space or facility to launch your own boat.

    The Copeland's are getting up there so I wouldn't be surprised if they were closing things down... :(

  7. You have to be able to carry your boat and launch off the dock. They have no ramp. I have not tried yet this year, but thats what they said last year.

    I had no problem with my toon.
  8. Wingfoot's an interesting place all by itself. My husband spoke with an older guy (one of those homeowners that just won't let furnace guy do his thing :)) who said that during the Cold War, Wingfoot was scoped out for a possible underground/underwater nuke missle facility. According to the old guy, the plans went through and the missles are under there still. While I HIGHLY doubt this story, it sure makes for good speculation and conversation. Hey, you never know, right?
  9. Agent47

    Agent47 Trying to pull it in!!!!

    Pardon my english and I apologize to my aunt if i make a typo. My aunt was a Rosie the Riveter during WW2 there and at the large hanger, she made statement numorous times that they performed all kinds of neat test and experiments on that lake for war craft and submersable equipment. None which she states made the news or was in the publics eye for that matter.
    As for missiles......hmmmm < cringes
  10. Gotta love a good conspiracy theory, eh? Wow - your aunt has got the coolest story yet!! Frankly, they could tunnel to China under that Hanger, and we'd never know.

    Does anyone else have any cool stories? I was told that under Springfield Lake are the remains of a killer roller coaster... Now THAT'S a cool story.
  11. Agent47

    Agent47 Trying to pull it in!!!!

    I dont know much about springfield lake, Had a cousin or some relative lived on beach drive when I was real young, only thing I remember was watching a guy that had a boat that looked like the Bat boat from the 1960's tv show "Batman" which I thought was soooo I did watch a guy drive a small car into the lake and it floated, later I was told it was a rare car made in the 50's that was built to do that., Read where a guy drove out on the ice and his car went through, dont know what happen to him. Bout all I know or remember.
  12. I went to Wingfoot on Monday. Copelands is still renting or letting you launch. It still costs 10 bucks to launch, but you have to able to carry your boat to the water. I have a toon so that was no problem.

    Nice lake! Lots of standing timber, rock and sand shores, islands, pads, and submerged weeds. Landed four bass, missed two hogs, and a few gills with the fly rod.

    Mogadore is tough! everytime i sink my oar into the water I have 10lbs of weeds locking me up!
  13. Those weeds are awful at Mogadore!! At first, I thought I'd learn to like them, but then I began thinking...
    Weedy water = shady water down below. My last geo science class is a couple years behind me, but if I remember correctly, shady water down below produces less algae. Less algae=less food for little fish. Little fish die out, and the trouble works its way up the food chain, right? Sure would be nice if they actually put in the grass carp the city promised several years back...
  14. The Goodyear H&F Club put quite a few in there several years ago and for a couple years in a row. At $10 per fish, that's quite an expense. I've seen them sucking weeds in the bays before while gill fishing. Even a few, the size they are now(I'd estimate them at 20-30 lbs), will eat tons of weeds and I think they do a fair job at it. They can live to be 100 and get up towards 100 lbs in weight. They eat all the time so I think we are better off with what's in there now. In other words, it'd be worse than it is without them! PS-They are sterile and cannot spawn. By the way, they're in Weedfoot-er, I mean, Wingfoot also.