Wingfoot Lake still for sale

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    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    I have many childhood memories at the wingfoot park. My grandfather a 40 year employee at goodyear would hold family reunions at the park. I still remember the little ponds in the park that they stocked with fish.

    I hope whomever buys the property and lake will maintain the park.


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    Drove by there a couple of weeks ago on Mishler Rd. and noticed that the lake level is down several feet - which I've never noticed before. It isn't a deep lake to begin with so any draw down is significant.

    Anyone have a guess as to why and who would be dropping the lake down?

  3. Why don't all of us OGF'ers chip in and buy it! :D

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    I am in!!!!

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    Agent47 Trying to pull it in!!!!

    I am in, not a bad idea actually.

    I know fishingirl would help......which btw, ide better not catch you there fishin divin for military secrets..LOL
  6. No one wants the reported "atomic waste dumpsite"!
    ps-I don't believe it for a minute, but you never know............
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    I'm in too, I got $500 cash right now!
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    Back around 20 to 25 years ago Goodyear hired a biologist of some type to reguvinate the lake. One of his reommendations was to lower the lake every Fall a few feet and plant a special type of grass on the exposed shoreline. They did this for several years and then when money got tight they let him go but they have kept lowering the lake each Fall but as far as I know not planting any more grass. Another thing he suggested was that they aerate the lake to improve the oxygen content and improve the lake which they did. They installed aerators in the lake that pumped air into the water and during the Winter the lake wouldn't freeze or the ice was very thin in those areas of the lake. I'm not sure if they are doing that anymore since the new regime took over Goodyear and did away with everything that was good there. I'm talking about Bob Keegan and his group of cut throats. He also had them stock White Amurs to reduce the weeds in the lake which they did and they ate a lot of the weeds that used to be in there. It's a nice lake and has some nice fish in it particularly largemouth bass and crappies.
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    KSUflash, what was your grandfather's name . I worked at Goodyear for 33 years before retiring and C.J.Stone worked there also and retired recently.
  10. i am a teenager and just recently got a boat on wingfoot last year.I fished pretty much all sumer long and caught a few bass and crappie.the crappie wernt very big and i didnt atch as many bass as i would like to either.i mainly fished by the shore. I dont want any spots i would just like some advice on what to use and to fish deeper or shallower and what time a year is best.i would greatly appreciate any help
  11. Still for sale, huh? . . .. Will they take VISA? LOL!
  12. If you want to catch nice crappie at WFt., you need to fish the deeper areas where artificial cover was dumped like the "underwater tire reefs" and the Christmas trees that the former Engineering Fishing Club put in there(former meaning Goodyear tossed them out of their club grounds several years ago. They were in the northern area of the lake). You will need to carefully watch your fish locator to find this structure. They might run up to 16 1/2 inches-my largest and on the wall.
    Bass are usually near cover around the shoreline and islands. There's always trees fallen into the lake and that would be your best bet for bass, as well as Spring spawning crappie. The better gill schools are found in the warmer, 'surface', open waters. Look for their dorsal fins sticking out of the water on calm, sunny days and sneak up to quietly cast to them. Good luck.
  13. ive caught alot of crappie there i was trolling crawler harness's for walleye and catching tons of crappie on the harness...pulled out some real nice walleye outta there too...
  14. That must have been a while ago. I haven't fished the lake since Goodyear closed the park but the walleye seemed to be few/far between then, and
    pretty much on a downhill spiral.
  15. its probably been about 5 or 6 years ago...they were few and far between but the ones you got were pretty nice...pulled out a 5lb and a 8lb from there. also been told theres pike in there too but never seen it.