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wingfoot lake fishing

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by smallie slammer, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. are you aloud to fish inside the bouys by the blimp hanger at wingfoot lake
  2. no! Not since I was a puppy...always wanted to. I don't know the reason!

  3. maybe there's a bottomless hole over there that will suck your boat in or something like that? maybe nuclear wastes are buried there or something? maybe bigfoot lives over there in an underground cave? lots of speculation about that spot! i think the real reason is, they dug it out very deep many years ago to test sonar for the navy or some such thing and just never opened it back up to keep people away from the hanger.
  4. I heard Bigfoot is further East, actually just down the road on the East side of Magadore Lake.
    Extreme q
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  5. Big J that is a common mistake. It is a little known fact that Bigfoot's summer home is Wingfoot while his normal residence is near Mogadore. BTW if anyone sees him let me know where. I have a subpeona for him. Some Paternity thing, scandalous realy.

  6. Bigfoot put me down as a reference for his last credit application. He's really quite a scoundrel, but likeable once you get to know him.

    And actually, the Red October is stationed by the Airdock in Wingfoot. Didn't you guys know that?
  7. Agent47

    Agent47 Trying to pull it in!!!!

    Funny, I just recieved a call from a company who is doing a back ground check on him.
    Seems he has family all over the Sagamore Hills area, having a hard time verifying addresses though. I was also informed the helicopter Blue Thunder and Airwolf was dumped in Wingfoot at that area.
    Area 51 has been known to dump Aliens in there after they get interviewed also.
    Stay away from the area and throw into it, you will be surprised what you hook if you fish bottom.

    I can neither confirm nor deny what i just told you.