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Wine tasting in the Akron area?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by NickRummy, May 29, 2007.

  1. Well I'm not a HUGE fan of wine but I also haven't had many experiences with it. My girlfriend loves it but she has never been wine tasting. We've been dating one year on the 1st so I thought it might be nice to take her out to do some wine tasting at a vineyard.

    Does anyone have any experience with this? I don't mind driving up to maybe 30 minutes to get there if its worth it. What all is involved? Is there a set fee for the tasting then obviously you can buy what you like afterwards?

    Thanks for the help!

  2. Try West Point Market on Market Street just past Hawkins in Akron. They have wine tastings quite often. AWESOME gourmet food store, bakery, restaurant... EXCELLENT.

  3. I'll 2nd that - I'm 140 miles away - and still know of them & Kames :)

    A little farther away - Raven's Glen Winery near Coshocton - 10 miles off 71 on US 16.

    A very good restaurant also.

    Also a bunch in Amish Country

    A lot of wineries along the North Coast east of Cleveland also.

    BTW - I think Ohio is in the top 10 or higher in wine production.
  4. TheSonicMarauder

    TheSonicMarauder Yes i slept on the couch

    the winery at wolfcreek in norton is a VERY nice place... i took my gf there once for a date and it was a nice atmosphere... stop and get something to eat and head out there... must be 21(duh) and tasting is 25 cents(that was last year anyway) a glass... if you go there... try the blueberry wine..... its AWESOME... it doesnt really have any alcoholy taste to it and has a nice sweet full flavor to it.... i HIGHLY reccomend buying a bottle.. . which only ran us like $12...... its a nice tasty wine and i have yet to cook a meal on the grill that this wine hasnt gone well with :D
  5. i'm with spot...ravens glenn rt. 36 is great!!! $2.00 for 5 ''shots'' and buy what you like or not buy at all!!!! very friendly staff and restraunt is supposed to be great...very clean place!!! also there is here in dover also a great place near amish country... you could go to dutch valley restraunt also and really score points!! only a couple miles max apart...west on rt.39 off dover exit arond 4'll find it all!!!
  6. go to west point and put together a nice pinic lunch and take it to
    wolfcreek, then you just buy their wine
  7. If you'd like some great food and quality microbrewed beers, try The Brewkettle in Strongsville.

    They're OGF friendly!!! The owner, Chris, and his wife Pam, are great hosts and are known here as OGF member "brewkettle". I'm going to try and get up there Thursday afternoon...
  8. There is a place between Massillon and Brewster off of Route 93. I forget the name though! My wife and I went there two years ago for our anniversary dinner and had a wonderful time. We ordered their specialty (white pizza) and got a couple bottles of wine.......just sat inside for awhile then moved out onto the patio area and just enjoyed the evening. It was a really nice time, nice atmosphere and wonderful wine. this place is actually a winery - so they have all their own wine........that they make.........

    Just looked it up, here it is. it's between the tuslaw area and brewster, but i guess it's a navarre address..........go figure.

    Perennial Vineyards
    11877 Poorman St SW
    Navarre, OH 44662

    (330) 832-3677
  9. worminator

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    Hey Nick, make it a weekend trip and take her up to Chautauqua. Did that with the wife a few years ago. Good time. Lots of wine tasting on the north end of the lake. Did I say lake???? WOW, we can take the boat. We left the boat at home and after we got up there kinda wished we had it. Anyway, I think there is a place out in Portage county also near rt 43 and old forge rd. close to Mogadore Res. Oooops, did I say lake??? Can't do that your boat is too big for Mogadore. have a good one

  10. Thanks everybody! I've been thinking about that wolf creek winery on cleveland mass. I hear a lot of good things about them and that was where I was planning on going.

    BigDaddy, I've heard of that West Point Market place before. It's REALLY close to me. I looked it up and that place seems pretty cool! They have wine tasting on Fridays so that is DEFINITELY an option there.

    We both agreed not to do anything extravagant. We're hoping to be closed on a house on Tuesday and thought that would be a great gift to ourselves but I can't bring myself to let that be the only gift. I want to take her out and have a good time!
  11. Some good suggestions on your thread. Here's some others.

    Kent: on rte 43 north of town, Riverside Beverage. Awesome outdoor deck that overlooks the Cuyahoga River. Something like 80 wines by the glass. Many beers also. Jazz/blues some evenings. Great place.

    Sand Hill Winery west of Cleveland near Port Clinton. South of rte 2 on rte 4. Old barn made into tasting room. I dont tend to like Ohio wines....some here is decent.

    Niagara Escarpment area (Niagara Falls Canada) some great first class wineries. Jackson Triggs, Peller. This is real wine country making some excellent wines. Probably over 70 wineries in the area.

    Good luck.
  12. Thanks! The one in Canada is to far but I'm going to look into the others. The one in Kent sounds nice.
  13. Another vote for WolfeCreek. Our current favorite is the White Lies....
  14. Yea, I would suggest Wolf Creek. Do they still let you bring picnic baskets there? Someone told me they might have stopped that.
  15. Not sure about baskets but she told me that I could bring whatever food I wanted. Just couldn't bring alcohol. (duh)
  16. TheSonicMarauder

    TheSonicMarauder Yes i slept on the couch

    yes they allow baskets.... last time we were there, there was a group of people who brought a big bucket of wings and a basket with other food items in it.....
  17. OldSchool

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    If the weather forecast is "friendly" a picnic on thier lawn is hard to beat. Bring your own food (basket is optional) slide them a few bucks to sample so pleasant local wine. You could even take a stroll with the GF on their property... there was a little lake back there so you may be distracted if the fish are hitting the surface. :D

    I seem to remember that they even had some sort of folk band out there the evening we were there. Double check with them to see if they have that going this early in the year.

  18. There is a winery on Old Forge Rd in Tallmedge/Brimfield are called Viking Winery that is a very nice place.
  19. I spoke with the people there also and have a friend at work who also recommended that as an option. Pretty sure I'll be going to wolf creek because of its location.