Windy weekend!

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by TxTransplant, Oct 17, 2004.

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    Man it was blowing 90 to nuthin all weekend! But finally I am seeing sign starting around the corn field I've been hunting! I had a great weekend! Saturday I saaw a total of 7 deer and could have taken a small doe at 10 yards but let her walk. I was watchin a big buck ( couldn't tell how many points he had) out in a bean field about 200 yards away when she walked up. I got his attention rattling and he started to me but another doe came out into the field and he started chasin her. There were six scrapes made in my corn field since last weekend! Sunday I got on stand and settled by 6:30 am and had 3 does under me by 7:15. None came close enough to take a shot.....just close enough to get the old ticker pumping! This evening I got in stand about 3:00 and had a young 5 point come down the edge of the field right to me. He got about 20 yrds away and noticed my deer decoy! Man was that fun to watch! Wish I would of had a movie picture of him messing with that decoy! He would get sideways to it and come to withing 5 yards of it ( I had it set up 3 yards from my tree just inside the woods). I put some tinks on the white rag I put on it for a tail and he had a nose full of it. He would stomp his feet at it and curl his lips while he circled it. When he got to where he was approaching the tail you could see the look on his face wondering where the doe went! :D My decoy is one of those flat cardboard ones. Then he'd start walking away and look back when he got broadside of it and it was like, Wow there she is again! He messed with circling and approaching that decoy fot 20 minutes! I know there are some big bucks in this area so I let him walk! He never knew I was 8 yards away in a tree from him watchin and smiling! ;) All in all it was a great weekend! I could have been tagged out but I'm waiting for the big boy!