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    Ok guys/gals....I need to check this out because I frankly have a very hard time believing it. I've built my own computers for the last 4 years now and my brother called me with a Vista question. I knew the horror stories of Vista and refused to upgrade, however, he did. He spoke with some Best Buy associates who insisted he cannot go back to XP because of driver issues. I trust Best Buy about as far as I can throw a 400lb rock.

    I know nothing about Vista!

    My concerns....if I did a reformat for him with XP, is it possible that there are compenents (motherboard driver etc.) that could possibly not be supported by XP? Is there hardware that is only supported by Vista? I sure hope not! I assume we could get almost everything (drivers) we need off a separate machine that has internet capability and a flash drive, but I'm not going to take the leap if I risk making his computer inoperable.

    Sounds like a load of BS from Best Buy to me just in order to try to sell him another copy of Vista......
  2. It's a load of BS.

    Go ahead and reformat it if you want.

  3. I am curious as to why he is wanting to go back to XP?
  4. that is interesting at our training school where I teach part time they bought 2 new desk tops that have Vista on them ,,they won;t work the rest of the systems they are connected to ,, any way the IT people cannot seem to be able to put Xp on them and these usually can fix any thing
  5. One of the things that makes me shudder " I was talking to the salesman at
    < insert store name here > and he told me. " Most of the time these guys have no idea what the problem is let alone the solution. Even their repair guys are awful in general. I know because I have had to correct thier garbage repairs and/or advice.

    The only reason I see to upgrade to Vista. You have somewhere between 150 -300 dollars that you need to get rid of. Which could cause you to get rid of even more money if it trashes your present computer.
  6. Must be something pretty serious to want to go thru the trouble of replacing Vista with XP. I don't know of anything out there that doesn't support XP, but some things (mostly drivers) don't support Vista. Many older HP printers didn't have drivers created for Vista. HP's answer? Buy a new HP printer. Microsoft and Cisco don't like each other, so Vista support for LEAP wireless is not available. Their VPN for Vista is also very weak and buggy.

    Many applications that are XP capable or less can be run in Vista using the compatibility mode (found in the file's preferences) set to XP or win2k.

    I use both, but use Vista more since most new PCs are coming with Vista loaded and support more of those than XP.
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    You couldn't pay me to switch from XP to Vista. That Vista has more bugs in it than a rotten log.
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    I thought this sounded like a pretty stupid thing, but I just wanted to verify.

    As for the reasons why....stability issues, upgrade issues, and performance issues. Absolutely hates all the security stuff and isn't overally impressed with the "new" functionality.
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    If this makes you feel any better, our IT folks have been taking new machines preloaded with Vista Ultimate, reformatting and installing XP Pro. Vista is a dog.
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    Running Vista Home on a DELL laptop that's 11 months old and have yet to experience the "horror stories".

    Most of the stories come from people that didn't do their homework before installing it on older machines.

    WIN XP is doomed for the boneyard unless MS has a change of heart.
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    If you don't like Microsoft based OS, try the free Linux based OS Ubuntu. You can download the ISO image file then burn the image(Power ISO) to a cd. You may choose either the 32bit or 64bit version. I've installed this on a extra hard drive and have tried it out for a couple months now. Overall I'm impressed, no anti virus needed, drivers installed automatically, software updates available. This is definitely not an OS that I would solely use for gaming, since many games are windows based. If any one is interested in downloading Ubuntu heres the website:
  12. Hold on. So is this a computer that previously ran XP but was upgraded to vista and your brother now wants to revert to XP? If that's the case then obviously there is no problem running XP.

    If this computer shipped with Vista then you *might* have a heck of a time chasing down some of the drivers you need for XP. For the most part this will be more of a pain for laptops and will be more of a problem for less expensive 'door buster' models as these often get less support from the manufacturer.

    If it were me I'd try to chase down as many of the drivers as possible before making the switch. Chipset and video drivers won't be your problem but things like audio and network drivers are where you might have a hard time getting the correct driver (and in either case with some effort you'll be able to make it work just keep in mind it might be a bigger PITA than it should be).
  13. No big deal either way. Load XP on machine if it runs good great. If not reformat and go back to Vista.

    I have always seen WAY more problems trying to upgrade as opposed to downgrade as far as go and especially Windows. At this point in time there are more computers running XP than Vista. Why would any manufacturer of any hardware build something that would not work with XP ? Due to Research and Developement time I would think what is commercially available to the buying public right now. It was developed and tested with XP. A year or two from now Vista will be on the majority of PCs. A few of my customers are still running Windows 98.
  14. Go out and purchase an el cheapo laptop sold with vista basic and convert it to XP then you'll know ;^p

    I've run into this problem on a couple of occasions (not my own machines of course). It's not a matter of hardware not working with XP; just a matter of tracking down a driver that works when the manufacturer doesn't readily provide XP drivers for a budget broadcom wireless card that's only used in a handfull of new models.
  15. El Cheapo 's normally do not work with anything very well. That is why I do not own or sell manufactured computers.

    As I like to explain to people no way , now how is anyone going to make a Yugo run like a Mercedes- Benz.