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  1. KaGee

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    A friend's daughter bought a DELL laptop from somebody at school and it's got a password set up on it. Naturally the kid doesn't remember the password.

    What's the work around for that?
  2. Perhaps pulling the CMOS battery for an extended time would strip the settings. I assume you are referring to a CMOS startup password. That is the only way I have ever dealt with them.

  3. KaGee

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    No it's not the bios password. It's a Windows password. Pops up after Windows loads. Sorry, should have clarified that.

    EDIT: Now I'm told she bought two... One has XP Pro the other has XP "PC Tablet Edition".
  4. fisherman5567

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    I just got a laptop yesterday with the same problem, i am working on tracking down the password BUT if i cant get it here is what i am goin to do....

    Strip the cpu of it operating system and load xp on it. it has vista right now (which i dont prefer) so either way win win.
  5. I believe reloading Windows is the only way to remove the Windows passwords. Hopefully she received a Windows License.
  6. There are bootable CD's that will let you reset the Windows XP account passwords.

    Boot off the CD and you can blank out or put in a new password.
    I belive this is the one i used last time (~3MB) - Bootable CD image.
  7. ShakeDown

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    If you can find it, ERD Commander has a locksmith feature that is flawless in strippin out passes.
  8. Fishman

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    Shakes right, check out ERD Commander on and see if there is a freeware version of it.
  9. KaGee

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    Thanks everyone for the quick responses... I've forwarded the information.
  10. I hope the computers weren't stolen....It's strange is a guy was using a computer and now he doesn't remember the password?
  11. He is referring to the administrator password. If the person was using it with another account he could get by without ever knowing the administrator password.
  12. Still sounds stolen to me. But hey, if the price is low I don't generally ask questions.

    Sometimes you can just boot into safe mode and change the password that way. ERD will work for sure. Even though I had one experience where it didn't work on someone's laptop. But that thing had all sorts of problems.