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  1. I want to replace the cable on my winch with a winch strap as the cable is starting to frey a little.

    I looked at a strap theat says "capacity 5,000lbs." and then "working load 1,500lbs."

    I have a 1986 21 foot 4winns bow rider with a Mercruiser 170 horse I/O. Is this strap enough or should I find a heavier one?

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I'm going guess you want a stronger strap. I have a 16" glass bowrider with a 70 hp motor. The boat weighs about 1,200# & the motor 235#. I'll bet your rig weighs a "boat-load" more than a working load of 1,500#.

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    not sure ... but i think your are not necessarily cranking more than 1500 lbs w/ your winch???? the boat is sliding,,right.
  4. you are not lifting the boat,,you have a rolling load ,,the 5000 max is new strap ,but the 1500 Lb is load times the safety factor over the life of the strap,I not good at explaining it but think about a 5000 lb car you can push it but you ,or I at least can't lift it..when I get back from this trip I will look it up and print it
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    If it were my boat, I wouldn't.
  6. I have the cuddy version of your boat, use the strap special ordered from parma marine, It's pretty heavy like the ones truckers use, also watch the length of it, you want it to clear the trailer
  7. Thanks, guys.

    I should have mentioned, I have an easy loader trailor (with the rollers in stead of bunks). I don't know if that would make a difference.
  8. DON'T worry about the capacity, the working load limit is the one to think about. you double the working load limit to see what it will hold. That strap will safely hold down 3000 lbs. That is how the d.o.t. rates them. ie. 3/8" inch grade 4 chain has a WLL of 5400 lbs you can tie down 10800lbs with it. You are good to go plus you have other tie downs in back so you are not holding the whole weight in the front.