Win, Lose or Draw.......

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  1. Where have all you rowdy Bungles fans been since midseason?:D
  2. They're like Chad Johnson...

    No trash talkin' until they start winning again! I would much rather hear nothing at all than excuses like *cough cough* those "other" fans...

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    Here me is...! :D

    But I believe you have the "Mighty Bengals" fans confused with either stealer fans or browns fans....! Need proof (you already know), just read some of the most recent post from the last few weeks games.
    And yes, I'm usually right in there...but when the name calling and insults start, I stay out. :(
  4. Maybe I missed something but I don't remeber any rowdy Browns fans. Maybe you can refresh my memory. On a side note though, I went to 4 games at 3 Rivers and 2 at Heinz, I went to 3 games at Riverfront and 1(First and Last time) at Paul Brown Stadium. Everybody talks junk(most of the time its all harmless) at any stadium or city. However, as we (my friend from Cincy, Bengals fan)were leaving 3 tough guys on a bridge 200' over our heads decided to throw bricks at us!!! I'm a bad a$$ look at me I can throw bricks at someone over 200' away!
  5. I'm just messin with you Cincy fans...As a life long (I'm 27) Browns fan its good to actually watch a Browns team that doesnt make me want suck on the tailpipe of a carSunday after Sunday . Truth is the teams over the last 20years have alot more in common than most would like to admit with all the wasted first round picks and all the hot and cold spells....Better luck next season.:)
  6. A friend of mine is a Steelers fan and him and his wife went to last years Steeler/Bengal game down in Cincinnati and he said some of the fans were pretty disrespectful, we like to playfully jab at each other during the season so he is no stranger to a little good natured trash talk...but he said these people were borderline confrontational, its all over the place and a real shame.
  7. Thats nothing...UM fans and alumni are out right scared to come to the Shore , UM fans treat us alot better than we treat them...I like it!

    I'm not advocating violence but I like the atmosphere at rival stadiums:D
  8. Giving the opposing teams fans a hard time is all in good fun...people feeling threatened is buddy and his wife had things thrown at them as well...some people take it to far.