Wills Creek Dam Spillway Question ?

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Sr.Jigger, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. Is anyone local to the Wills Creek Dam Spillway area on here that can report on the water level in the creek below the dam ? I like to try it a few times after Thanksgiving but hate to waist a trip/gas if's it to low to fish.
    Also wondered if that bait shop close by was still in business ?
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  3. I was down there this summer and the bait shop was still there, and for as small as they are they have alot of stuff...From what the gauge says, the water should be at a decent level...
  4. Misfit, Thanks for the web site, that's a handie site ! I was hoping the water was more around 6' deep. It's really a snagfest of rocks and limbs in the spillway and hard to fish when shallow.
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    you're welcome.that site is what my cousin uses to check levels before he goes.he's a lot closer than me and fishes it regularly and has for years.i know it can get tough when it's low,but then that's why i always carry LOTS of jigs:D
  6. Anytime they are dumping the water out of Seneca and Salt Fork there will be plenty of water at the dam.Just look at the creek across from the res.here in town and you can pretty much tell how much water there will be below the dam.