Willow Island

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  1. Has anyone been down there this fall?? There should be some decent fishing there by now but with the price of gas I dont want throw money away by going there if their not up there yet.Cheaper to stick to the Crappies at Salt Fork.
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    Woman I worked with here at the plant has been fishing down there quite a bit here lately with her husband on the WVa side. About every day they went, they've caught their limit of Saugeye along with a nice 10lb Walleye one morning. They fished about every day from 10/26-11/2 (our 7 day break)

  3. Hey Tiny,
    I wouldn't mind running down there and giving it a shot. It's been years since I was was last there. As I remember, It's a E-A-R-L-Y morning fish fishing place. So maybe we could hit it and be back in time for work. What ever you think, what the heck !! let me know and we'll try it and I can drive. I'm ready for something different. Maybe you could talk that real good fishing buddy of yours to going also.

  4. We always left just before dark and drove down.All our fishing was done after dark.I have been seeing they are getting them at Pike Island so they should be doing the same at Willow.I have always done better there.I will find out and let you know Sr. Got a trip to Salt Fork planned for Wed.morning after it warms up a little with Pap.Going to try the Vibes on them for a while.The lake is done turning over and is clearing up according to him.