Willard 2-16-08

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    Went to Willard this morning. Met up with RhodeGuideService (Jared), ran in to smallie75 (Scott) and his buddy Tim, also ran into John (Sorry I can't remeber your screen name). Jared and I logged some miles today. Relatively slow all around, ended up with 5 nice perch and 1 nice rock bass between the 2 of us, saw 1 nice channel caught and tons of dinks all around. Started by the ramp, worked south down the east side, worked 3/4 down to the south pump house and then over to the west side and rapped it up by the north end pump house. Ice was okay, but watch by the pump houses, it was 3 inches at best. Rest was between 4 and 6 with an inch of white on top.

    I'm tired.
  2. Good to meet you Wannabitawerm. I ended up with four nice perch. The late bite never happened so you didn't miss a thing.

  3. Wannabitawerm

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    (I got news for you, fish biting or not, I had to leave so I still missed the evening bite!!:) ) I've got some buddys who were heading out there this morning. I'll post if I hear anything good. I think the edges are gonna suffer the most today.