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Discussion in 'Carp Discussions' started by Walter Adkins, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. I have been bass fishing a stream that has a ton of carp. Most appear between 15" to 24". I am willing to take someone to these carp if you are willing to show me how to catch them. I would think that hooking into these would be a blast. A person can see these fish, so that should ad the trouble of getting them to bite. The area I am talking about is in the central Ohio area.
  2. RiverRat

    RiverRat Banned

    Walter, stream carp of that size are a blast on light tackle, i used to catch them a lot as a boy growing up on a few central Ohio streams. Sight fishing or "Stalking" as its also called can be a blast......but nothing beats surface fishing for them. Think a bass on top water is fun? try taking those torpedos off the surface with light tackle.

    First, if the water is super clear, they might be hard to get too..the clearer the water, they tend to be very spooky.

    Best thing to do is stay low to the ground, dont wear brightly colored cloths...and above all else be quiet.
    Carp can hear and see WAY above and beyound normal "gamefish".

    As for baits & rigs to a thing ive ever heard was..."keep it simple".
    Canned sweetcorn(put a few kernals on the hook), wheaties(made into dough balls), Rye Krisp crackers(also made into a dough ball), bread(can be fished MANY ways..great surface bait). Or natural baits like nightcrawlers, crayfish, hellgramites work great too.
    Plain "carolina rigs" work great....1/4 oz. to 1 oz. egg sinkers, swivel , 6"-12" leader, #6-#2 hooks and your set....the rest is up to the carp.

    *WARNING: If fishing "tight line" always hold your rod..carp are very well know for stealing rods &
    Also be careful, carp fishing CAN be addicting..hehehe.

    Good luck and tells us how ya do.


  3. misfit

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    walter,if the stream is small,and slow flowing,the best approach i can think of would be using some of the same baits scott mentioned.however,if those fish are easily seen and within short casting distance,the best approach in my opinion,is go as light as possible on mentioned,fish under those conditions are very spooky.heavier weights may be needed to adjust for current.i've stalked carp with ultalight tackle in streams that were very small and the commotion of a heavy weight or bait hitting the water will spook them out of the hole.small doughbaits,corn,worms with little or no weight(just eneough to get them to the bottom),cast above the fish worked best for will be less likely to spook fish.
    if the water is fairly snagfree,lighter lines will work,but if there are logjams,tree roots,etc closeby,i think this would be one case for a heavier test braid and flouro leader,to help stop them before they can hang you.
    i've had many carp that size do that very thing when using light tackle and lighter test mono.
    been quite awhile since i've done it,but it's great fun.if your stream is easily accessible,i'd be up for joining you.remember,i'm an old gimp who's not into walking or climbing much :eek:
  4. Thanks guys. Misfit this stream is easy to wade and get into and out of.
  5. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    check your pm's walter.