Will this protect my boat?

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  1. While reviewing the Lowe's flyer, I noticed an item advertised as a "white universal canopy", 20' L x 10' W. There is a picture of the item in the paper with a boat underneath. I am wondering how "weather worthy" this product is, will it withstand wind, rain and snow? Will it actually protect my boat??? I've been working on getting an actual carport, just for my boat. However, this is significantly cheaper than a carport. Anyone ever used the canopy before?

    If not, check it out at the following link: http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=productDetail&productId=124085-82472-124085

    Tell me what you think...http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=productDetail&productId=124085-82472-124085
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    Looks like this one would be good if you lived in the Southern States. I don't think this would hold with our snow loads.

    Better quaility ones will start at 695.00 installed.

    Good idea though.

  3. I'm too cheap for that kind of quality.
    I use a tarp and tie down straps.
    Worked for me for years.
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    i do the same thing.
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    i am on my second one now . the first one lasted for 3 years untill we had a big ice and snow storm and put a foot of wet snow on it. the one i have now is 2 yrs old. i got both of mine for $99.00 check around for a better price.try harbor freight.com you will have to keep the heavy snow from building up on it if you want it to last. i shake the legs to get the snow off of it.but there is no hassle to tie it every time like a tarp.
  6. I currently have one just like or similar to the model shown, though I do not use it as a carport. It is used as a summer picnic type shelter/shade. VERY sturdy, handles summer storms fine. My unit (he he I said unit) has sides that can be added, that would increase the protection. The legs can be anchored to the ground through the use of included pegs. If you could check it occassionally and keep snow buildup off, I think it would serve your purpose fine.

  7. Thanks Freyed & Huntinbull, I think I'm going to get something like this. Like I said, I was originally looking for a metal carport, but that'll cost me near $800. This one may work for me, I live right on the Ohio River, near the most southern tip of Ohio, so I don't have the treacherous winter storms I had while living in Cleveland. I definitely would like to have one with sides.....so I may pass on Lowes, and keep looking. I'll check Harborfreight