Will it ever go away?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by NorthSouthOhioFisherman, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

    NorthSouthOhioFisherman The Young Outdoorsman

    I just got these pics uploaded of the snow we got last Friday the first day of spring! We were in some of the thickest in Ohio with 6inches!
  2. liquidsoap

    liquidsoap Pay-it-foward fisherman

    It will be here before you know it. :)

  3. I think we can kiss winter goodbye just about now. However never speak to soon in Ohio :confused:
  4. fishingredhawk

    fishingredhawk Ohio Hawg Hunter

    No snow here in Columbus. Open water just about everywhere!
  5. Sorry but that's the price you northerners have to pay for living so close to the walleye capital of the planet :p.
  6. littleking

    littleking Crossing Lines LIKE A PRO

    6 inches! we had 21!
  7. Fishpro

    Fishpro Northcoast Madman

    No, we got a second storm up here this past weekend :( , you guys down south just got rain. All I know is, I'm sick of snow. If we get another flake, I'm gonna puke!:mad:
  8. You guys should have recieved your Cabela's Spring Master catalog by now. Just leaf through the pages and think about how great it's going to be that you'll be fishing soon. If that doesn't work... order something from the catalog! That always works for me!
  9. I think we should start blowing the lake ice with some dynamite, just like they used to do on the Chagrin when I was a wee lad!
  10. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

    NorthSouthOhioFisherman The Young Outdoorsman

    Sounds like fun lets git r done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
  11. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

    NorthSouthOhioFisherman The Young Outdoorsman

    Found some ole bomb thing from pa's back in the war through it inta the river... If ya dont see me for awhile im in canada :D
  12. ...You guys are starting to get slap happy we better get some open water...your imagination is getting carried away...we will have to bite the bullet for a couple of weeks....Its comming...
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  13. Toxic

    Toxic Defensor Fortis

    We had around 8 inches of the white stuff. I've been cooped up for so long and I am ready to get out. I like Tuna cans idea. Let's call in an airstrike! It ain't nothing a few B-52's can't fix.

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  14. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

    NorthSouthOhioFisherman The Young Outdoorsman

    All I have to say is...
    So this is global warming ;)
  15. Is that an S.O.S. someone is shoveling out? :D

    How far from the lake is that? (Erie)