Will anyone be out on PL sunday? (05/27/07)

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by NickRummy, May 25, 2007.

  1. If so, what time will you be out there and what will you be in? I'm thinking about taking my brother out for the first trip in the water this year and wanted to see if I could shake hands with a few OGF members! Probably just be gill and bass fishing. Probably wouldnt be on the lake until early evening until dark.

  2. TxTransplant

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    Big Daddy and I may be fishing there Sunday evening. Look for my Nitro or we may be in the Pontoon.


  3. Ruminator

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    I am hoping to take my brother out in the evening until after dark.

    Light tan 19' Princecraft with a Johnson 70.

    If I remember I'll have my yellow OGF flag up. Stop by. ;)

    Anyone else?
  4. No OGF gear here but my boat is in my sig. I'll try and track you guys down! Do the same if you see me.

    Any particular lakes you guys frequent more than others? I'll probably be putting in at the old state park ramp but I'll be all over the place.
  5. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    You've got a great looking boat Nick. An OGF flag would look right in place on the bow. ;)
    I'll be in East Res. most of the time. :B

    If I see you or Gene and Carl coiming my way, I'll give you a wave.
  6. Thanks!

    I'm not sure if I'll be making it out today or not...... Looks like they are calling for T-storms from around noon until tonight. Just my luck! We'll see what really happens.......
  7. Hey, NickRummy, were you down at Salt Fork the week of the 13th? I'm pretty sure I saw your boat there but I could be mistaken. I was in a white Sunbird or fishing off the bank by the cabins? If you were down there, did you do any good?
  8. Nope, wasn't me! I've been wanting to go down to Salt Fork to fish for a while now. I've been going down there to camp for probably 10 years or so. Hopefully I'll get the chance to go down there this summer. It's about 80 miles from me.
  9. : ) Well, we were there. We got rained out pretty bad - the Lord has a funny way of reminding us (time and again) that we are novices and probably always will be. The rain came down hard, soaked us good, then began filling our little boat. Since we had no bilge pump, my husband was bailing out with a (don't laugh) plastic bait cup. Afterward, we wound up at the wrong boat launch trying to get out of the rain - yes, we need a GPS. Finally, we got pointed in the right direction, then got pulled over by a Sheriff on a boat. We didn't think we were going that fast, but apparently a little wake is still a wake... He was a nice cop, though - didn't yell and understood we were newbies. Long day over - not one dang fish. Still, a good time all the same.
  10. We were there too! When the first cloudburst that happened I just laughed! (hubby didn't think it was funny) We were scrambling for ponchos. I managed to get 10 blue gills, my son 9, my daughter 1 and my hubby 3. We went back so they could jump out of the boat to use the facilities while I stayed with the boat. Then the sky just opened up and let all H@@# broke loose. All I could do was just sit there in the pouring rain! I finally saw my son come running over and I laughed. He said daddy said we had to go. So it was nice to see good ol PL again after so many, many years. The last time I was there was for a Bachelorette party on a Pontoon boat and I don't remember where all we went. And before that I was only about 9. We are going out again tomorrw but there will only be 3 of us. :)
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    We were out there for the NBC tournament today. I have a green and white ranger with a 200 evinrude on the back. We did ok seemed to be a morning bite. We ended up in 10th place with 10.17lbs.
  12. Alwsfishin

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    Hey Nick.......tell us about your boat.....
  13. I was out there too! Put in at the old state park around 5pm or so. Stayed out until around 9:30. Ended up getting a little bass and about 6-7 blue gills. Terrible part was we only got to fish for about 45 minutes or so!

    we started fishing only to find out that we didn't have any needle nose pliers. So we pulled the lines in and started going on a search. My girlfriends little brother was out there for his first trip and I wanted to make sure he seen that the fish weren't being treated terribly and I didn't want to yank out any hooks :mad: We couldn't find any pliers but I did manage to find a guy out towards the speed zone in a pontoon boat that wasn't running. Tower him back over to his house. Got the boat running and went running around the speed zone for a bit and then ended up seeing the same boat stranded about 20-30 minutes later. Ended up taking one of the guys back over to the Sandy beach marina to get his boat to do the towing (didn't want to tow that monster of a boat anymore but wanted to help out) which pretty took up our whole day.

    We stayed dry JUST until we came in around 9-9:30 then it decided to get us wet while loading up the boat.

    Alwsfishin, its a 1964 T&T 4300 and a 1965 merc 1000 (100hp)
  14. Oh yeh! I did see someone out there from OGF. they came up to us while we were fishin. Who was it?! Forgot to ask for names!!!!
  15. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    Not sure who Nick, but it wasn't us, I decided to save my gas for a more likely day. The weather was too unpredictable.
  16. It was two guys and one was wearing a red shirt. Looks like about an 18' fishing boat with maybe a 150hp motor on the back? Small ranger type boat I'd say. About all I remember. Sheriff was out in full force! The sheriff actually stopped by to see if the guy from OGF I was talking to was offering to tow us!

    I was keeping an eye out for the yellow flag but didn't see it! That explains why.
  17. worminator

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    Hey Nick, that was me and my old buddy that I haven't seen in years. Sorry we didn't exchange names. It looked like yer little buddy was into catching some fish. How did he do? That is one sweet boat you have there. Give us some details. Do you run her in the parade on PL??? I got some questions on the Merc also.............. Is that a 50 with the blue band?? Didn't get a real good look but it was a beaut from what we saw. I managed to hook a nice large mouth:B after we saw you guys over in Craftsmans park. We got outta there around 7:00. Sure looked like it was gonna be a nice evening to fish. Poor guy at the old (new) ramp was getting a ticket when we were leaving. First time out with a new used boat and they were all over him. I got the heck outta there before he came my way. I know I have everything I need but I also know that if they want they can find something to write you up for.
    Bad thing about it he was gettin a ticket from the ranger in a car in the parking lot. Not the Sherrif or the Division guys............ a ranger in a car!!!!!
    OUCH............. that guy won't be back to PL soon. Next time we see you we will spend a few minutes and exchange names. That was kind of a busy corner for chit chat.

  18. Well nice "meeting" you Al!! haha

    Man did he have a blast!!!! He was a bit reluctant about baiting the hook but he got over it and did what had to be done. Fishing wasn't so great. He caught a blue gill (probably the largest one of the day) after about 5 minutes from his first cast and he was LOVIN it!! He thought he was going to have to wait forever to get a fish. Problem was I didn't have any needle nose pliers. No idea where they went and that fish swallowed the hook good. I didn't want to keep fishing without a way to remove hooks safely so we ended up just putting around and enjoying the weather.

    I don't blame you about the sheriffs. They were ALL OVER! Seemed really nice for the most part though. When we first got there we launched at the old state park and coming out from there we seen the sheriff sitting there checking boats that went through in front of the station. I told my brother I'd put a good wager down that we would get checked. I have nothing to worry about but sometimes they can be not so friendly. We putted around turkeyfoot for a few and on the way back we seen him sitting there waiting. The other sheriff was coming and ended up meeting with him right before we went by so I think we lucked out! haha

    As for the boat. Thank you very much! means a lot! I just got it last year. My grandpa bought it in 82 (the year I was born) and finished restoring to what you see in 83-84. Ever since I could walk I was out on the boat. We always went fishing or out cruising. We were in the PL parade a lot actually. Well last year he told my dad he was getting to old to maintain it. I have helped him through the years do some major repairs on it. My dad didn't have a place for it and was going to give it a guy he worked with. No way was I going to tolerate that! So I talked to them about it. I know everything there is to know about the boat and it has a lot of meaning to me. So now it's in my garage and I don't eve plan on letting it leave the family.

    It's a 1964 T&T 4300 (basically a division of Thompson bros. boat MFG) They were made between 60 and 65. The motor is a 1965 merc1000 (100hp). It gets the boat up to around 30mph.

    I'm planning on going out to the parade this year. I hear they have a boat show too I was thinking about joining.