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Will Alum be open Sunday

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by rutty, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. rutty

    rutty Cowboy Charters

    or will it be iced up? Going to make a trip down to make sure the boat is running good before I leave for Cumberland on Wednesday. Don't want to make the trip if their is ice in my way!
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  2. I would say one of the main lake ramps will be open. Cheshire or marina.
    I drove by a lot of small ponds this am an have not seen any ice yet. But they all had wind hitting them.
    I would guess if the lakes not 100% free of ice at least the main lake will be

  3. I was by alum yesterday and it had whitecaps on it! Windy again today. I doubt much will freeze with these windy conditions and i think its supposed to warm up a little tomorrow. Hopefully you'll be fine
  4. No way it's going to be locked up. It's open as of now and its getting warmer.
  5. jray


    Rutty I will personally make sure that there is no more ice on alum this year. If I have to warm it with my bare behind so be it
  6. rutty

    rutty Cowboy Charters


    Sweet, I will be down on Sunday then. I will give you a report!
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  7. Just some GPS marks.
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  8. rutty

    rutty Cowboy Charters

    I can give you some of those.......can't promise fish will be on those marks, but I can give you marks. I need your GPS to find fish anyway.........yours is always loaded.
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  9. Yes but mine are always little marks!
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  10. Yep everytime I have run into Darcy on the lake he always says I'm only catching little ones. But for some reason he's always at or near the top of the leader board.
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  12. You and Mark will be unbeatable with that new boat. Rumor has it that Mark has his boat set up for trolling.
  13. kfi


    Stopped by Howard Road ramp at lunchtime today. North of Howard Rd it was about 50/50 open vs ice. South of Howard majority was open water. Still no docks in at Howard.

    Looked like a new buoy was placed up there. From a distance it looked like it said, "Rutty's Spot" ...
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  14. Howard rd from today
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  15. jbo


    Alum is fine
    alum is fine just left there at noon today, Marina Ramp open.
  16. Was checking both Hoover and alum today. The biggest surprise of the day was the smothers road bridge isn't there any more.
  17. Huh? That's a pretty big bridge! Where did it go?
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