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  1. About 2:30 PM went over to customers house about his computer today. Thought his modem quit working but actually was a software problem by his ISP. Anyhow finished up got everything squared away and he asked if I would like a cup of coffee. Having drank his custom coffee before I accepted.

    As I was standing by his picture window 2 average sized does and 1 late yearling walked out and started on the spills from his bird feeder. He said won't be long the turkeys will be showing up. He said they show up about 4:30 every evening. Sure enough right on time this small hen runs right up to the deer. The little doe spooks and lopes about 15 yards away. In the next thirty to 45 seconds another 35-40 turkeys show up. Mostly hens couple jakes and 1 half decent gobbler. No true big biruisers though. The deer give up under the bird feeder for about 15 minutes. Then the little doe leads their charge back and the turkeys give way. Ron laughs and says sometimes the deer have to paw at the turkeys to get them to move. I sat there for about 45 minutes totally transfixed at their shenanigans.

    When I went to leave , Ron says thats why I very seldom turn on the TV. I had to agree with him.
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    That's pretty impressive, would have like to seen that, for sure.

    I don't get that much wildlife here in Lakewood, but when it happens it is truly amazing. Few years back a doe was in my neighbors yard. I had to do a double take to make sure it was a doe and not an overgrown german shepard:D ... and sure enough looked straight at me and took off behind the garage. Doesn't sound to amazing but when you hear it was near w 117th between Madison and Franklin, kind of makes you wonder where it came from? Maybe traveled down the RR tracks from the Rocky River (shrugging shoulders)

    Thanks for sharing.
    Gotta love those kind of service calls.


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    Went to an Indians game last year waitin on the rapid at 117th station with at least 50 others when this doe came rambling out onto the tracks with another train coming right at it , we all started yellin and screamin at the deer, was a close call I must say and quite comical in a sense. little kids were freakin out and most of the woman, most of the guys wanted the blood, have no idea where it came from, might have a keen sense for humans out in the woods but a little slow pickin up on the trains.
  4. thats really cool those turkeys can get pretty nasty! i can see em runnin some deer off..i had alittle show today every evenin there is always deer in this field i pass on my way home today i stopped and watched em they came real close to the truck ! i watched em for about 20 mins til they lost interest in me and wandered on back to the tree line.

    i gotta few pics not great quality (camera phone)




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    I was driving south on Olentangy River Rd in Columbus, and right before the intersection with Henderson I saw what at first I thought was a huge fake deer in someones yard. well, the fake deer started moving. It was a huge beautiful buck!! I was astounded.

    I just hope it got back to some wilderness before it got in the way of a car.
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    As I type this I have 2 mature does,3 yearling button bucks and a 6 point buck eating corn about 75 feet from the house.
    I really enjoy watching them every evening.
  7. Seeing more and more deer in the developed areas. Was in Painsville a week or so ago. Drove down this one street and herd of deer was running around the yards. Couldn't believe so many deer in around all those houses.
  8. When I go up to our cabin in Wis its the same thing no Tv. I just fill the bird feeders and watch. My family likes to name the deer by paying attention to features on there face or body. Exp we had a doe with a really long front wisker under her mouth so we named her wisker. We have coons, quail, grouse,deer, and the occasional black beer. who needs a tv?