wii vs xbox 360

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  1. which system do you like better, and which has better games.
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    First off, I'm not a huge gamer. I own a 360, and have played a Wii only a couple times. I prefer the 360 WAY over the Wii.

    I base that on a few things.
    1. The 360 has more games that I enjoy (shooters, strategy, sports)
    2. The 360 has better graphics
    3. I enjoy online play and Xbox Live is hard to beat

    I also have a PS3, bought it mainly for the BluRay player. Its graphics are even better than the 360, but the 360 has more games. And as I previously mentioned, Xbox Live is hard to beat for online gaming.

    The Wii I would definitely recommend for younger people that are more interested in arcade-type games. I have to admit though that it might be sweet to have the fishing game because you actually make casting and reeling motions with the controllers.

  3. bozz


    I'm 47 and got a Wii for my 12 yr. boy in Dec. and its a blast. We've been gamers for years and I must say I now know why the Wii's are the hottest selling consoles, the game play is just so interactive, really its a work out. We have the new Cabelas hunting game and the graphics are much better than the ps2, the hunter has a photo finished camo suit on and looks exactly like the new Realtree AP pattern, very impressive stuff. The A.I in the game is very good as well and gameplay is second to none. Try Medal of Honors 2 on Wii or call of Duty 4 and you wold be blown away with the game play and graphics, again at 47 it has something for everybody.
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    I gotta vote for the Wii too. It's fun for the whole family! The only thing it doesn't have yet is alot of Online games, I'd imagine they will come at some point.
  5. Our 13 year old son wanted a 360 for his birthday and had no interest in the Wii........until some of his buddies got Wii units for Christmas. Now he prefers the Wii. As a practical matter, the 360 is actually in some of the stores...I am not sure how long I would be willing to stand in line for a Wii.
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    Yeah the Wii's are very hard to find, I had look for weeks and gave up and wasn't about to play the stand in line early in the morning game. So I cruise the stores from 11 to 1 and found a few in one day (ups delivers then at most game stores, larger stores can be tuff and they are sold out in minutes), wasn't even looking at that point but had to ask