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  1. if you love fishin, but hate cold weather...or don't have the time to get out during daylight hours in winter....try the nintendo wii system. i usually hate video games, but i got the game "hooked" for Christmas...and its name fits....i can't stop playing! it's about as real is it gets...w/ a rod and reel combo. weather conditions, time, and presentation all factor in...just like the real thing.
    i'm not pushin the use of video games, but you don't sit on your butt...i've even broke a sweat on more than one occasion....so i've found somethin to tide me over til the fish are bitin as good as the skeeters!
  2. I've found the same with Rapala's Fishing Frenzy for Wii. Unfortunately, I think I'm a better fisherman in real life than on the Wii.

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    "Santa" brought a Wii and all the goodies for my son. My wife, er, "Santa" got me sega bass fishing to go with it. It can be a challenge. I think she regrets getting it for me, because i have been tying up the TV on my days off.