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  1. Whats the best fishing game out for Wii at this time, i seen the Rapala one and the Sega Bass one, anyone played either one or is there others that are better?
  2. I have the Rapala game and to put it simply...it is AWESOME.
    Super realistic as far as rod, line, lure, fish behavior....in short it is tons of fun :)

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    Funny, I thought the Rapala game was terrible, lol.

    I've tried them all and can't find one that's worth buying yet. Go rent a few and try them out before you drop the cash.
  4. thanks looks like im off to the blockbuster for rentals this weekend. thanks again
  5. I have played them both and I don't like either. But I would go with Sega Bass over Rapala. Don't buy, rent.
  6. i got both of those and i dont really like them too much, they have a new one out called hooked that comes with a rod..ide like to try that out