Wife's 1st Steely

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by Pay2Play, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. After many trips to the streams with her she finally landed her first chromer!
    Caught it on a spoon no 10 minutes after we got to the stream. So I thought I would share this pic and show how proud she is !

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please


    Thanks for sharing the photo!!!!


  3. That's a great looking fish. Now she'll be bugging you to take her all the time!
  4. Good jod. Wont be soon and she"ll be out fishing you.
  5. Pay2Play she should be proud that is one beautiful steelie, keep up the good work kid.This is the picture that should be in a magazine, good looking fish and the lady holding the fish is better than good looking.
  6. She goes with me anytime....Thing is she also cleans ALL the fish caught and we have a freezer full of perch.

    CrappieLover....Thanks....I'm sure she will enjoy the compliment.
  7. Congrat's Mrs. P2P ! ! ! ! ! ! you have every reason to be proud! ! !
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    Looks like ya found yourself a keeper! not the fish, the lady! I need me a woman who fishes and cleans the catch! till then. I'll stay single! lol....
    anywho, thats a nice fish!!!! gets me excited cause I am still on the hunt for my 1st steelie.
  9. Great Job with the first fish! Many more of those magic moments to come! Lot's of Chrome in the rivers here, and many more out east! You should see what I captured on film today!! Check it out; www.steelheadquarters.com/chagrin_river.htm
  10. WOW!!! What A Woman! Does she have a single sister??? :D
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