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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by quackpot, May 17, 2017.

  1. I put a post on about a week ago that was out of line and I'm sorry. Just letting the people that know me what's going on. After a doctor appointment for the wife to renew her blood pressure medication the doctor ordered tests. The blood work showed a few things weren't right so I took her to a specialist. After more tests he referred us to a surgeon to have her thyroid removed which we see June 15th. There was something also seen on her mammogram so that was a different Doctor. He referred us to another surgeon who ordered a ordered a biopsy which showed real early breast cancer.we met with him again yesterday and surgery was set for Friday the 26th. Talk about a busy time. Thanks for all the prayers sent.
  2. Specgrade

    Specgrade Wannabe Worm Drowner

    I don't know you, but I hate to read about peoples' troubles. My prayers go out to your wife and you. I hope everything works out fine.
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  3. You and your wife are in my prayers. It's pretty scary when you don't know what you are up against. It's not easy getting old sometimes.
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  4. sherman51

    sherman51 florida ice fishing

    bad news for sure. but it sounds like they caught the cancer early. my prayers are with you both. I pray for a quick and full recovery. prayers can change the world. just wish I could do more.
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  5. russelld

    russelld russelld

    Prayer for your wife and you
  6. Quacker,
    I'll be keeping you and your wife in my thoughts. All the best.
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    Thoughts and prayers for both of you.
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  8. AtticaFish

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    I wish for all the best quackpot.
  9. Prayers and thoughts to you and yours. Hang in there though, the sun always comes out after the storm.
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  10. I would just like to say, even though I do not know you, I work for OHIO STATE university medical center, and I have seen so much, with all the advancement of medicine and modern equipment, it is wonderful, with computer technology, robotics,and with the ability to link up with doctors all over the world, the main thing you have done is to catch it early, My heart and prayers go out to you and your family and hope for a speedy recovery.
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  11. Thoughts and Prayers for your wife and family!
  12. skywayvett

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    Prayers for you and wife hope all is well soon
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  13. Prayers sent Bobby,hope things work out!
  14. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    I'm sorry to hear it Quackpot. My wife and I will also be praying for both your wife and you.
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  15. jmshar


    Prayers are sent to you both and wishing you and your wife the very best... Prayers can change the world as sherman 51 stated.
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  16. My family will also be praying for your wife. Hope for a speedy cure. Yes I know prayer can change things. Good Luck Quackpot
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  17. Tin Guppy

    Tin Guppy CJ Wolfpack

    Bobby I will be praying for you and your wife, that everything will work out ok.
  18. Lazy 8

    Lazy 8 You'll have to ask Mr. S. Thomas

    They caught my wife's via a mammogram about 6-7 years ago. She's cancer free.
    We'll prayer for you and your wife to have the strength to see this through. Put your faith in Him.
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  19. Thanks to everyone, I'm her appointment manager making sure she doesn't have to be in two places at once. Some of these bills are crazy high. The one is $8667.36 before the insurance pays their part. But everything will be fine, we gotten lots of thoughts from everyone here, where we work,friends and family.
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  20. Don't be shy to ask the hospital to work with you if the bills are too big even after insurance. They can be crazy high even with insurance.
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