Wife saifd the Bengals won a game

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  1. Any truth to this rumor that the bengals won a game? Who could of been playing down to there level?
  2. They'll be beating up the Browns next week.

  3. They beat Missouri State Prison. MSP is having a down year. Their leading reciever was released on parole. :D
  4. You left out the rest of the story. He was acquired by the Bengals.:p I have to say this matchup coming up this weekend may be one of the worst Bengals-Browns matchups that I can recall. There has been plenty of seasons where one of the teams was awful and the other so-so but this may be an all-time low for combined failure.
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    I agree. I used to say you could combine the rosters and you would have a great team. However, this year you could combine the rosters and still get whipped by the Chiefs, Rams, Seahawks, Raiders and 49ers. The only team worse is the Lions.

    At least the Browns have the prospect of a new coach on the horizon which springs hope eternal for the proverbial, "wait til next year."
  6. Its no rumor...we had a descent first quarter then held on for dear life.
  7. Well, no matter what the record of the team.....if it's brown flush it down........although they are two bad teams rivlary is sometimes the only thing to be excited about.
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    This game is going to be like a preview for what a minor league would look like for the NFL. I am going to predict a Bengals victory! They still seem to be playing hard and the Browns are in a tail-spin currently with a lame duck coach.
  9. Yeah I'll predict a bengals victory.
  10. Bengals by at least two touchdowns. I'm a Browns fan, but I decided if they quit (which they did three weeks ago), I can quit too.

    I'll be back next year.
  11. that's some funny stuff. I will give the Bengals one thing.....they tried and won on Sunday....well three things they played the NY Giants tough, and the Eagles tough.
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    Yeppers...........you should mail them all a cookie. :p
  13. Mike Brown would probably sell it.
  14. It is hard to believe but it is possible that the Bengals will end up with a better record than the Browns. At the beginning of the season I would have never believed that one. Then again if they do end up with a better record it will still be a measly 4-11-1. :rolleyes: Cleveland goes to Pittsburgh the last week. That could be real ugly.:eek: Cincy finishes up with Kansas City.
  15. Browns fan here predicting a Bengals victory. Both teams are bad and I will not waste another minute of hunting season watching the Browns. I will get the final score of the game when I get home from the woods on Sunday.
  16. The only real consequence to the game(for me anyway) is how the game will influence the draft order.
  17. Hell, hope for more wins and a lower draft number because we can't pick our nose. I am serious if we lose out and pick 2nd, or so we will blow it!
  18. Marvin has been fairly descent on his #1s with the exception of Chris Perry who was taken with the 26th pick, cant really count Pollack as his career was ended early..he looked good early on, I dont put any faith in winning streaks at the end of the season when our record is what it is, I have seen them put a few wins together and it doesnt translate into the next year.