Wierdest thing you ever saw from your stand?

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  1. Opening archery two years ago, I got up early and very quietly snuck up to my stand and climbed my maple tree that sits over our food plot. Sat down and watched the sun slowly come up. I noticed some movement down the powerline and out of the woods comes this guy dressed in camo, but no bow. Walks up the path towards me (has no idea I'm there), and proceeds to walk out into the plot. He gets down on his knees and smells the greens, then picks some and eats it.....! He starts walking in the woods as he passes my tree, I said "excuse me"....He almost $h!#$ his pants. I asked him where he was going and reminded him he was tresspassing, so he apologised and walked off.

    But man I had to laugh, the food plot worked!
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    Last year I saw a Owl vs Fox squirrel battle royale. It went on for over 30 minutes. The squirrel was huge and didnt want to except the owl's invitation to dinner. They faught up the tree and on the ground At one point the squirrel did a "matrix" leap and landed on the owl from 6 or 8 feet away! That stupid squirrel hit the ground from more than 20 feet up twice and then climbed up the same tree again and again.
    In the end they parted ways and neither seemed doomed but man what a noisy distracting fight.

  3. wow this thread should be good, already is, crazy goin green man and matrix squirrels....ive spent alot of time in the woods and cant recall any zany moments. not as many as i have experienced fishing!!!!!
  4. i seen a red tail hawk swoop down and snatch up a squirrel once it was awesome.
  5. A couple years ago, I saw a dinky 5 point breed a Doe. I remember sitting in the stand and thinking, "you don't see this everyday"
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    I once saw 2 does fighting. They snorted at each other and stomped the ground for about a half hour, then they both stood on hind legs and just pounded away at each other. That only lasted a few minutes and then the loser ran away. I had to try hard to keep from laughing out loud.

    I also saw a groundhog climb the tree next to me, go out on a branch and start eating the leaves. I had no idea that they climbed trees, I thought they stayed on the ground all the time. Freaked me out.

  7. I was hunting a pipeline once and up came an old pickup truck with a young guy and girl in it. They stopped about 20 yards from my climber and proceeded to do what teenage couples do. About half way thru it she looks up and sees me in my stand. After she yells alot he starts the truck and takes off. First time I saw a doe bred from a deerstand.
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    lol, i had a skunk walk up and lay down and take a nap right at the bottom of my stand.
  9. Saw a drunk rabbit 2 years ago. There was a hole at the bottom of a tree we climbed one evening. Heard a noise and looked down to see a rabbit trying to get out of the hole. Every time he made it to the top of the hole, he would tip backwards and somersault backwards down into the hole. After about 5 times of doing this and us laughing our butts off, he finally made it out and hopped away. Caught it on video too.
  10. i had a flying squirrel jump on my chest from dead tree 3 ft away i about soiled myself!Guess I looked like a tree!
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    I saw a chipmunk run up an old dead tree, go into a hole and THROW out a very small white animal of some kind (looked like a baby). It then ran back down the tree looking for it.
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    While still hunting in bow season one year I watched a ground hog at the base of a white oak eating the acorns a squirrel was knocking down. He was running all over getting them as soon as they hit the ground. He was so preoccupied with eating them I snuck up to within a few feet of him and went "pssstt!". I've never seen a groundhog do a burnout in the leaves like that as he was trying to exit the area.

    One other time I watched a red fox from my tree stand get up from the nap he was taking against a log, stretch, walk over and lift his leg on a sapling, stretch and yawn again, look at a plane that flew over head and then just sauntered off with no particular cares in the world.
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    A few years ago, I saw some squirrels messin' with a sasquatch. :)
  14. Not from a stand, but.....A few years ago, I had perfect conditions to hunt my best stand. It was overcast with a mist falling and light wind. I was walking to my stand and happened to notice a large deer feeding in an over grown wheat stubble field. I had forgot my binocs in the truck, but could tell by the body size, it had to be a buck. The wind was in my favor, so I started army crawling through the wet field. After crawling about a hundred yards or so, I could tell something didn't look right. It turned out my massive deer was a brown pony that had escaped from a farm down the road. Talk about being dejected not to mention soaking wet and covered in mud.

    Last year I was watching a red squirrel chattering his fool head off and a red tailed hawk swooped down and carried him away. It was pretty cool
  15. Saw bigfoot get abducted by a ufo while riding a unicorn.:)
  16. My first year hunting, I was walking with my climber on my back up an old logging road. I stopped for a break to stave off sweating, I caught some movement off to my right and coming thru the weeds I thought it was a big cat of some sort. When it hit the road it stopped 15ft in front of me...a coyote! It almost had a heart attack when it noticed me there. For a few seconds we stood eye to eye before it turned and disapeared into the weeds.

    BUH BUMP....BUH BUMP....my heart was pounding!!
  17. While hunting from my stand in Louisiana I heard some noise to my left, I turned and saw the BIGGEST bobcat I have ever seen. At first I thought it was a dog it was so big but when it got closer I saw it was a bobcat. Normally bobcats only get a little larger than a housecat but this one was the size of a german shepard. I made sure my bow was ready just in case but it just walked by never noticing me.
  18. Early one morning while walking along a field to get to our hunting spot my son kicked up a phesant, which was a suprise in itself, but then the phesant turned & flew right into my chest this all happened within seconds, which was followed within second of me soiling myself.

    Early season bow hunting it was a sunny warm day & I was hunkered down in the woods, along a tree line, which was mowed to create somewhat of a path for hunters, I was in the woods about 10-15 yards, well along came a very strange young man, who had no idea I was there, talking to himself, moving his arms & hands in a strange way, & answering himself in a diffrent voice, I sat there as he passed and thought should I say anything to let him know I was there, he passed me twice once going and once coming back, all the time acting very strange.
  19. that sucks...hope he left before dark!!!!!!!!
  20. hey that was you!!!!!!!!!hahaha:p naaaaa, im more partial to rr tracks, give those engineers something to talk about!!!!!!