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  1. I decided to a little Christmas shopping for me and upgrade the fly reel on my 7wt steelie rod. I was at the local Gander and saw that they had Okuma fly reels on display. I asked if they had a large arbor model and the staff person said they indeed do. After some searching, I was told that the display model is the only one that they had. I was OK with that and the employee went to the back to search for the box. After about 15minutes he arrives. "The only box I could find is the 5/6 reel box, but the reel is the 7weight. Everything's included." That struck me as kinda strange, but didn't think too much of it. Well, I'm just about to attach some backing unto my new Okuma Integrity when I see, as plain as day, 5/6 marked on the frame:mad:
    The dude lied through his teeth to sell me something. I really would like to think he's mentally incompetent and can't read numbers, but that ain't the case. The reel is going back first thing tommorrow and that's the last time I step foot in that store.:mad:
  2. Hmm he's probly not a fly fisherman..lol.. and would not know the difference from a double taper to a level line .. go get em girl .. lol... I generally hate big box stores!

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    Sorry to here that, its a shame, I agree with you and 007 take it back and give em hell and 007's comment about the guy not being a fly fisherman is most likely right on the money. I am surprised he even knew what large arbor meant. Saying that it might be better to get after the department manager and the general manager. I have only been to Gander once up in Mich. The first guy I talked to was completely incompatent. Then a guy back from lunch took over. He was a true flyfisherman, he went over all the local water with me showed me on maps put ins and take outs for float show me easy and difficult access point and then showed me places to take my neice and nephew for some easy bluegill fishing, He was a great guy and had it together. he was upbeat and excited as he went over this stuff. THere are good people in these stores but few and far between and it drives me crazy when they put these kids (most times) on the floor and they try to snow people. Give them an earfull and then walk out. They undoubtedly will try to sell you something else. Don't let them. Find a local small shop and they will take care of you. Please send a pm to me and I will be glad to steer in the right direction. Yes I am a small fly shop owner and nobody that works for me or represents my shop is without a vast passion and knowledge of the sport we live for. S