Why so many dinks

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  1. wondering why everyone has had bad catch ratio, me included,well maybe not everyone. I had a thought after sunday outing at Miller on Main st. the action was fast pace, both poles always nibbles but the dink to keeper ratio was bad. my friend and I caught at least 100 fish gills,but only kept 12. I was thinking about that and I remember that on sunday I saw what I thought waszoo plankton swimming around the holes. And maybe the bigger fish have all the food they want?
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    It depends. I fished a small farm pond one day and only caught big 9+" gills, no dinks or smaller fish anywhere. Went back the next day and never caught a single fish that went 9" It seems the little fish always bite and the bigger ones are more sporadic, but man is it fun when they are in the biting mood.

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    we have been using an aqua view this year and it's crazy how many nice fish come right up to the bait and never touch it. And then the dinks just rush in and eat!!! I would have never guessed we were sitting on so many good fish!!!
  4. same with me, I got mine on tues and used it all day. lots of large gills but only the dinks would hit.
  5. Just got back from one of our ponds and same thing. I was out for 1 hour and caught 27 and only 1 was about 8 inches. All the rest was 4to5 inches....Rich

  6. How do you think all those big fish got that way. by not taking the bait, lol.
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    Yup. I remember a guy at Mogadore with a camera a few years back. He said there were plenty of big gills down there, but the lil guys rush right in and grab your bait, while the big guys watch.