Why no Muskie?

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    Ive fished Alum Creek about 20 times this year for Cats at night and I always put a live shad under a bobber mainly to catch Catfish but i figured sometime this year i woulda hooked into a muskie. I didnt. Do they feed after dark? Are they in deeper water (I fish mostly north of Howard Rd.)? I know they are not real common but I have netted a couple of small ones up there while throwing for shad. Does anyone fish live bait for em? Just curious!
  2. My guess would be (and it is purely a guess since I have never even seen Alum) that it is a simple case of wrong place, wrong time. Depending on water temps they were probably out in deeper water.

    If there is some type of cover try casting your bait near the cover and see if that helps.

    One thing I will say if you are gonna use live bait for muskie. Please use a quick strike rig, you will be less likely to kill the muskie by doing so.

  3. Muskie are mainly visual feeders, which will have some effect. I have heard of muskie being caught at night however; but your chance would be greatly decressed I would think. My brother was flatheading at a lake that has muskies and had a hit that cut (not broke) his line with about a 12 in sucker on it, sounds like a toothy critter to me - so may be possible.
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    I feel your pain
    I made 22 trips to Salt Fork over a 5 year period far Muskie and never caught a single one but on my 23 trip the skunk died and I got a 48" and ever since I have put at least 1 fish in the boat every trip.
    Hang in you will get one.