why is the coming snow always breaking news?

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  1. in dayton every time we get the slightest chance of a dusting of snow its breaking news all night long. 1 snowflake just fell its breaking news.gm cutting production by 30% the governor thing going on and whats breaking news? its the dusting of snow we might get. if a zombie apocalypse was coming sure that would be breaking news. alright i am done ranting.
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    man...i hear ya. im not originally from ohio and it never ceases to amaze me how a lot of ohio natives just completely lose it and freak out when snow is coming. driving turns into a nightmare, people get all dramatic and complain a lot, etc. Its just snow and I would think that they would be used to it by now.

    Just some observations :) Personally, I like the snow.

  3. Dayton stations are the worst. In the spring every storm has tornadoes with it and there coming straight for us! And every snow flake is another blizzard .I don't pay attention to them anymore. I like how they interupt programing to show you a reporter standing next to a road telling everyone its snowing out and driving can be hazzardous. Clowns.
  4. we got about a foot of snow i think back in febuary and all the local news channels were on the air all day long. some guy or girl standing in front of the radar saying its snowing outside
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    C.Y.A. is all their doing. if they didnt report it, then everyone would be complaining about receiving no warning. what are ya gonna do???
  6. What I see thaat is foolish, is as soon as we get a dusting of snow the plows are ripping up the aspalt and concrete along with spreading salt and that other stuff on the roads. The funny part is usually the weather forcast for the next day is temps above freezing. You would think tax payers would be yelling and screaming about this waste of money. Thepeople up north just live with it. I would venture to say the average Joe with commen sence could save the Tax payers of Ohio a billion dollars a year by just being practical.
  7. i love the mobs at the grocery store buying up everything like its going out of style.
  8. Thirty years ago we all 'prepared' for winter. We had rear wheel drive cars, put our snow tires on and went about our business.

    In this day of 'let the government save me', people are getting dumber instead of smarter.

  9. If ya don't get out quick enough 1/2 the people complain and if ya don't go out the other 1/2 complain,the life of a public servant is great
  10. It is called sensationalism.
    As far as the general public, most people anymore cannot evaluate the situation and act in their own best interest. They look for others to tell them what to do. This can be very scary especially when it comes to government and leadership.
  11. About the grocery store rush. It used to bread, eggs and milk. Now its pop, chips and frozen pizzas. Look around next time there is a big snow you'll laugh at what people are buying.
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    Ratings. The weather is the TV station's Nielson ratings and revenue generator. In Cleveland we have 4 stations with Doppler radar.
    One station thinks we are stupid enough to believe their "power of 5" composite radar where they combine Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh....radars. Everyone else has the same thing.
    The stations spend millions and millions of dollars on that expensive equipment. Now they have to justify those expenditures to the bean counters while they no longer report the news and layoff their staffs to cut costs.

    Don't get me started on the newspapers.
  13. OH NO WHITE DEATH FROM ABOVE!!!! Save us weatherman :eek:
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    Our local Akron newspaper has a red box
    "severe weather" warning on the front page of their website right now. Looks calm and cloudy to me right now.
    Hate to see what they would call a blizzard.
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    I didn't even go to the store when we got dumped on with the 15-18"s last March.

    Do they proclaim it a weather event in Alaska when the sun shines and it is going to be 50 degrees out? Things that make ya go hmmmmmmmmmm.
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    I think in Dayton it's because, other than one Christmas storm a few years ago, they have never seen an actual blizzard. In their defense, the road crews are not as well equiped as they are in the snow belt, so 4 inches takes a while to clear off. I always drive back roads to work on snowy days because the drivers up on the interstate scare the crap out of me.
  17. I'll let you guys in on a little secret. TV news is all about ratings. ;)

    Breaking weather news...let's check in with our channel 4 storm team...Hey Larry what's the situation over there at county salt barn #12? Well Cabot, its not snowing here but I'm pleased to report we still have salt...Back to you. This just in....live footage of flurries falling on the sidewalk at broad & high...
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    thread over.
  19. thanks see', looks like lewzer beat me to it. !$