Why is it...

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  1. ...that the occurances which make us want to break stuff are the same ones that keep us coming back for more??

    Earlier in the season I set a goal. I set out to catch my personal best river smallie this year...preferably a Fish Ohio.

    Last nite I was wading the Scioto in a spot where I've caught some VERY nice fish lately...most recently a 18.5in SM on Saturday morning. I was wading in chest high water and had caught about 3 dinks and a few rock bass when I look upstream about 50 yards and see a family coming down to the river with inflatable rafts, a kayak, chest waders, fishing rods and everything else that they could possibly bring down to the river to make a lot of racket! So, at this point I'm thinking that my spot...is shot.

    I make my way over to an area almost directly across from where this family is now splashing around. Theres a drop off the runs just a few feet off the bank that I wanted to fish before they invaded the entire area. I toss my lure upstream and bring it back parallel to the drop of and WHAMO! What first felt SOLID like a big catfish or carp instantly runs about 15 yards of line off of my 6lb outfit. I turn the fish back in my direction and pick up some line. The fish heads back towards me and breaks the surface...tailwalks directly towards me...I see a dink smallmouth swimming just below what is undoubtedly my personal best river smallie, possibly the biggest river smallie I've ever seen. I can see that I only have one treble hook in the corner of the big smallies mouth just before it re-enters the water and heads away from me once again. By now...the family across the way has stopped splashing to see what all the commotion is. As the fish heads away I lighten up the drag a couple clicks to keep from pulling the hook. As my reel begins to sing once again, I feel heavy tailbeats digging for deeper water then a thrashing headshake then I feel mush. I begin reeling quickly to take up the slack...thinking the the fish must have turned towards me again. I then feel another strike and quickly reel up an 8in dink SM. The big fish had spit the hook and the dink swimming with him picked it up almost instantly. The people across the river look at me like I'm nuts. They'd watched me standing there, rod doubled over for no less than 2 minutes only to bring in an 8 inch fish....mildly embarrasing.

    After that, I fished for anoth 30 minutes or so. My nerves were shot. I was completely frustrated by the loss of that big fish. The sun was beginning to set...those kids had now splashed about 3/4 of the way across the river from where they began. Time to admit defeat and head for the couch.

    Nevertheless...today is a new day and I'll be back with bigger, sharper trebles!!
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    Man that stinks, and I know that feeling. I lost my PB fish ohio SM at darby a few weeks back, 2 solid runs, 2 jumps then 3rd jump he throws the crank back at me, I just stopped fishing, got a cigar out and stared awhile, I know it was over 20 easy, maybe a couple more, a true hog SM of a lifetime for creeks. OH well, we both have that goal still to beat, and we know they are out there(UFO's?). Gotta go, pills making me loopy again.
    Mike the sissy snake dude

  3. id love to hit some of those spots in the scioto with you sometime...im not really familiar with alot of places on it to go..i put my boat in at confluence yesterday with not much luck...alot of the water if you go north in the scioto is really shallow. if you know a stretch of water a couple miles long that can be boated without plowing into rocks maybe we can hit it sometime.

  4. Appreciate that offer but with the water as low as it's been lately there's no such place...it's wade or yak only. However, if you have an open seat sometime, or if you'd like to join me wading one evening, let me know.
  5. i was wondering if everywhere was low....there were some spots at sonfluence in the channel on the west side of the water taht was plenty deep enough..but i couldnt get anything over there...prob could have got some cats if i tried. i was thinking of tryin to go south of columbus a little...i think there are some deeper holes down there. ever been there wading..
  6. i got a 14ft flat bottom...if i pull up the big motro on the back it will float in 1ft of water..i dont really like to though..i got into some nasty spots yesterday i had to push my self off the rocks with a paddle i dont really like that... about wading..im ok in water up to my knees..but anymore that that i really dont like either..but i do like the creek fishing though
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    Good story. I am glad you informed us all that you own the river. j/king.


  8. Check pm's.
  9. LOL...I wish!

    Nah...I have no probs with others using the river for anything as long as they clean up after themselves and put their fish back in. It's funny though...I was in the same spot for 3 hours on Saturday morning and didn't see a soul. I go back on Monday night at 7pm and it's SPLASH-a-THON 2007!
  10. I hate it when you lose a big fish. The good news is you know where he lives :) Give it a couple of days and pound that spot with different baits to see if you can get a strike.

    I hope you catch him and share some pics with us.
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    Heading out to a short vacation with the travel trailer with the 10yr boy and 8yr girl, mom and 1yr sick can't go, hate to see little one in pain. Loading up the SOT yak, campground has 25 acre lake(Long's retreat and campground by Waverly), anyways when I get back this weekend if anyone wants to float with me (no snakes please) that would be great! Your officially StuckAtHome post free for a few days, enjoy.
  12. Enjoy your trip. I'm sure you'll have more adventures to report when you return.

  13. ...and you, sir, are no longer stuck at home.
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    Makes me feel worse for not meeting up with you that morning.
    Maybe i could have fought that hog for ya:D

    No doubt that you'll get that big fish SOON!:B

  15. This all happened last nite.
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    when you going out again...i am def. in!!

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    earlier this spring i was fishing alum spill and brought in a 12 in saugeye and when going down to grab it saw a 12 pound or better saugeye right behind it the one that got away is the one that brings you back again and again
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    That's what happened to me tonight...Lost an easy 5lb+ Smallie, absolutely manhandled me. Set the hook and he bolted upstream (man did the drag sing..) I then realized he had the potential to break me off, so I went to loosen the drag, he made another run, and I went to loosen the drag again: what a fatal mistake. He must have sensed that I stopped reeling, cause he shot straight towards me and spit the hook in seconds flat..This marks the second time this year a monster smallie has pulled that move on me. Man I wish those hog SOB's were dumb! Unfortunately any Smallmouth of that size has likely been caught at least a dozen times: they know all the tricks...

    EDIT: If you are ever in this situation again do the following (if you have enough time): Loosen the drag to the point that the fish can literally strip yard after yard of line from your spool (with ease). As he is stripping drag CONSTANTLY reel as fast as you can, while keeping pressure on the hook (your drag will REALLY be singing now). The objective of this "maneuver" is not to bring the fish in, nore tire him out, it is soley used to avoid a "180' spit": If you are constantly reeling, and constantly keeping pressure on the line, it is nearly impossible for a Smallie to bolt towards you and spit the hook (remember that your drag has to be insanely loose..or you will get broken off)..After a few minutes he will tire out and you can slowly apply more resistance to the drag in order to bring him in...This tactic works WONDERS when fighting big Smallies..IF you have enough time to loosen the drag 360+ degrees. Once a monster is hooked you literally have seconds to A. make the decision to loosen the drag, and B. Loosen it to the correct setting (loose enough that you can constantly reel and not risk getting broken off). I made the decision tonight, but didn't set the drag lose enough..I loosened it quite a bit, but still had the feeling I was dancing on ice, so I went to loosen it some more, and that was all she wrote!
  19. Man thats a great story(rough ending though;) ) been there with the kids and racket thing, kinda surprised the parents didnt give you a little more respect(then again maybe Im not) Im going to try and make it back out tonight.
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    i would never suggest having a drag that loose fighting a big fish unless your using 4lb. line. big fish need steady moderate tension.