Why I love to fish!

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  1. I have been viewing posts on this site for a couple of years now and have been a member for few months. It amazes me how much knowledge/experience this site contains. When I log onto the internet Ohio Game Fishing is either the first or second site I check everyday. Each time I do so I gain knowledge and learn something new, and for that, I thank you all who post your experiences. My question to my fellow anglers is this, Why do you love to fish?

    I love to fish because it makes me feel more centered than other time in my life. I feel that briefly, while fishing, I am doing what it is that I am meant to do in life. Don't get me wrong, my family and work are my number one, but, in my "free" time, there is nothing more meaningful/rewarding. What else can make an adult, 31 year old male feel the same way as he did on Christmas morning when he was 8 years old then setting a hook on a September Steelhead, a November shoreline Walleye or a June Smallie. A good friend told me that you will truly know you love something if you can not remember life before that something. Can anyone tell me what my life was like before I discovered fishing? I Can't.

    Looking forward to your responses.
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    if i didnt fish, id be in the bell tower:eek:

    just kidding:p but, it is a very good stress reliever and broiled walleye is GREAT!!!

  3. You made me play second baaaaaaaaaaase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. ez.....you THINK you are kidding........you sir, would be in the bell tower without fishing.......... and we would have good company from OGF with us.

    for me, best fishin days include a lot of quiet time. long periods of silence are good while fishin.....and are part of many spiritual practices.

    fishing alone is a lot like a silent retreat.

    successfully trolling Erie for table eyes with a friend......in spite of all the modern stuff we drag along.......is rewarding in a very basic way.
  5. I grew to love it as a kid as something to do to get out of the house and go explore. My friend and I would walk down to the mouth of the Chagrin or the CEI breakwall and spend all day there. Back then the mouth of the Chagrin was beach like on the east bank quite a ways upstream from the mouth. One could tool around in there all day fishing or not. We didn't live so close either (as far as walking goes), it was a small hike. We grew up a couple minutes walk from Eastlake North High School. We'd get up early, like 3-4 A.M. to start our walk to get there real early and to stake our claim to the PRIME corner! Anyone who has fished there, you know what I'm talkin 'bout! I kinda got away from fishing while in the service and the first couple years out, but when I moved back to Ohio in 1991 I told myself...."Self...You haven't fished in a long time, you miss it. Now go to the Sporting Goods store and get busy!" So I did! I really find it peaceful and my way of getting in touch with the outdoors. And it's more fun shopping for fishing stuff than golf accessories!!!!:D
  6. Nothing better in the world. I am so lucky to be involved in this sport. The addiction is like no other. The zone of flying down a lake without a care, setting up on a pig buried deep in the thick stuff, having that feeling of a strike even before the fish inhales, the look of disappointment on guys faces when my sack weighs more(lol) had to say it... Yep, this fishing game keeps me sane, and makes life a little easier. I have met my good friends from this sport, and feel that fishermen set the threshold of quality people. Im lucky to share tournament days with my father, it has kept us very close. The only thing that bothers me about this sport is the damn WIND...jk.... mother nature never fails to test our abilities and mindsets. But yet again, another reason to love this sport... Cant wait until these early tournaments and all the flying snow..Yee haw, this year Im putting chains on the trailer wheels.....thanks for starting this post....
  7. Being on the water well before sunrise and staying till way after sunset. having a feeding frenzy start as a storm front is bearing down on you.The excitement as a little kid of seeing the bobber dive under the surface for the first time and later on as an adult seeing A lighted planer board going hell bent for glory behind the boat or the explosion of a topwater strike. It definatly is a medicine no doctor could prescribe. I have spent many many hours fishing with family and friends and even if few words were spoken on those trips the memories speak millions. I cannot wait to take my daughter fishing for the first time this year not only to be able to add to my own memories. but also so she can start making her own fishing memories, Yes my wife and my daughter are #1 in my life but Fishing and hunting are my passions. Good luck to all in 08' see ya' on the water
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    I love fishing 'cause the wife doesn't. It's my "alone time".
  9. Fishing is my meditation. I found when I tooks up fly fishing years ago that my senses became keener. I hear the fish slurping bugs off the top and crashing schools of bait fish more than I use to. Reading water has become much easier. The feeling of water rushing around me, being a wader, is like a natural massage. When weather is bad or water ices up I turn on some blues and tie flies to restock my boxes. I can't imagine what it would be like not being able to fish.

  10. That is my story also!:D I fish by myself probably 90% of the time.
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    i fish to get away from the crazies in cleveland.............what a minute, most of them have boats too judging by some of the things i see out there.....man i need a new hobby how, im going to post my gear in the classifieds now and take up basket weaving, im out of here :D
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    Through all the stress of the everyday life, fishing (and hunting) is where I turn to disolve all that stress and let it blow away with the wind. I find in the woods or on the water is the most relaxing time I can spend, just unwind and worry about nothing at all.

    My Grandfather started me fishing and hunting when I was very young, and now I feel the joy of sharing that same time with my oldest granddaughter at four years old (pictures in my gallery), and hopefully the other grandchildren as they grow.

    Almost always living in the country, I have loved spending as much time in the beauty Mother Nature has given us for as long as I can remember. The few years I spent in the city living just about killed me, vowing never again to live in the concrete jungle.

    Fishing and hunting are my peace and hormony that give me strength to keep going through the rest of the everyday bull.
  13. Hey Guys! I just wanted to thank you for replying to my post. I enjoyed reading each one of your responses. It is nice to hear the numerous ways fishing touches/reaches so many people. It seems certain that while fishing can be different things to different people, there are some universal truths. Fishing is part of all of us and we are lucky that it is. There is something special about fishing that affects each of us in our own ways. Fishing is/can be an almost spiritual act that seems to brings us closer to who we really are as people. Finally, we all seem to realize we are lucky to be fisherman. With that being said, not everyone should be fisherman so we do not always have fight to be the first person to our respective "honey holes".

    EZ Bite-I agree, there is nothing wrong w/ walleye on the dinner plate.

    Bobinstow-I too enjoy the spiritual aspects of fishing w/ only the sounds of nature as the background music.

    Tuna Can-No better memories than the epic "journey" to the fishing hole as a kid.

    Smallie 75-Fishing is certainly an addiction I have, but one I don't want to give up. Also, time w/ dad is priceless. I hope my son has the same chance when he is older.

    Johnny Fish-I took my daughter fishing 3 years ago for her first time out. Countless memories and countless spawning blue gills (May).

    Chuck P-My wife only fishes w/ me a couple times a year on charters-I do not complain that I have to fish the rest of time w/out her.....LOL.

    Live2Fish-I believe you could be a poet. Your description was outstanding.

    Redhawk Fisherman-"alone time" is something I need to keep grounded. With out it, I would go crazy.

    Gju42486-Stay w/ fishing, basket weaving is not all it is hyped up to be....LOL.

    Eyesman 01-I also leave my problems/stress behind when I fish. It is one of the few things that help me to do that. As for the time w/ your granddaughter.......What could be better?
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    EZ..lol, I thought I saw you in the tower.
  15. I'm not a religious person per say (realigious maybe) but fishing is my church! If there is a God, I'm much closer to Him there, then anywhere else I've ever been.
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    Okay, since we got the Quasimodo thing out of the way. :D
    I've been fishing since I was kid...my Father did the deed and introduced me to it at a very early age. The sticking point was, I had to pay my own way. :eek:
    Sooooo, I indulge myself these days, at my two son's expense (grown and out of the house), as much as possible and still very much enjoy being on the water... ;) :D
  17. Amen Seapro. ;) Looking at the waterways and all the nature that can be seen while fishing makes you realize this world can't be happenstance.

    This is truely an excellent thread. Despite why we fish it is obvious that we all love it (of course if we didn't why would we be visiting this forum? :p ).