Why I like Two Strokes!!...

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  1. Winter has got to me. Florida in a couple weeks will take the edge off. BUT, there is nothing like the first time in March, I crank the engine up at Mosquito, and SMELL the oil gas mixture!! I am sure it is not just me!!!!!!;) KEEP THOSE 4 STROKES!!!!
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    yea the 2's are nice till you smell the fumes for 6 hours while trollin on a calm day or night on erie!

  3. I espeically love the oil slick they leave behind at the dock when you first fire them up. Great for the water quality. I seriously think we are going to see a ban on 2 strokes on many lakes within ten years, especially the inlands.
  4. Well, I would almost bet your vehicle drops more oil into the environment than my Etec does. I donot think you will see any of the two strokes outlawed that already meet all government standards. Just my opinion. Oh, and I smell nothing from the Etec, but yes I do from my 2000 Johnson Kicker, than has run flawlessly since day one. I would hate to guess how many hours are on it. GO FISH!
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    The way I looked at your comment was simply,"The smell of my 2 stroke begins the start of another, long awaited beautiful season on the water", plain and simple. I can't agree more!! Was I anywhere close?
  6. snake69,
    You are very perceptive! Thank you!!
  7. Smell? No smell nor smoke.

    All I use is synthetic, in my main & kicker, good stuff!

  8. It's got me bad too John. Wish I was going to Florida. That might help. Are you going to fish?
  9. I always have a rod in the car! Last few years I just casted around the place we stay in the Keys. Small barracudas are fun, may take a charter for inshore fishing this year. See you on the water Steve!!!!!
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    I like two strokes as well. nothing beats the sound of my new Optimax 250 pro XS as WOT full trim, it screams so loud it will wake the dead, the growl that is has when I fire it up is music to my ears. GGGGRRRR bark bark....
  11. We Po People Cant Afford Them New Shiny Boat Pushers Nor Can We Afford To Fix One When They Go Down. Ill Keep My Johnson 115 And My 78 Nova In The Same Garage Till I Die.
  12. Yes, I was in the treestand for one last time yesterday and could hear the birds chirping and the smell of spring time walleye fishing on Mosquito. Got me going pretty good!
  13. My point only is that as we all know the 2 strokes burn oil to lubricate and exhaust out the prop area which deposites oil into the lake. Take a real close looks at any inland such as westbranch on a very calm day.. slicks on the water.
    It's bad for the fishery if nothing else. Bottom line 4 strokes are cleaner and better for the environment/lake... that's the only point being made.
    My truck does not leak oil but if it did I would repair it.
    We as outdoorsmen appreciate nature more than the average person. Take a minute and think what we can to do preserve it. Just a thought.
  14. No John, it's not just you :). My fondest memories in life are also the simplest.

    Waking up to the sound & smell of outboards heading out before sunrise.
    The smell of live bait at the baitshop.
    Sizzling bacon and perking coffee.
    The smell of campfire smoke and insect repellant on all your clothes.
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    I dont miss the nastey smell of 2 stroke funes at all,,,,especially trollin with the wind/waves and eating the exhaust for hours on a fishing trip,,,,,more than once that smell put me over the edge in BIG waves and ended my fishing trip :(

    My first 4 stroke experience was when i bought a kicker and was like WOW,we dont have the fumes any longer,this is NICE.Now i have my first 4 stroke main motor and love it.Easy starting,quiet,clean,,,and the Growl i get when fully trimmed is music to my ears.Sounds alot cooler than any 2 stroke i ever had.

    To each there own by im sold on the 4strokes,,at least these Yamis anyway.

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    gee...like..cool.. well, i love my 2 stroke cause its never, ever been in the shop...not once...unlike 4 strokes that are. i do growl when i see the "fully trimmed"..but it sure aint the sound of the outboard thats causin the growlin.....sheesh....
  17. I'm looking forward to the first trip to Erie this year. Like a lot of our waters, Erie has its own unique "water" smell. It gets me going every time. Same sort of thing you're talking about, luredaddy.

    It won't be long!
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    i live to choke on my 150 merc fumes, can't wait.....oh, i think im going to go fire her up tomorrow.lol..shes really going to smoke when i burn out all that seafoam and fogging oil.:p
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    git it bite...git it...!
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    I think some of you might have the older EFI standard 2 strokes confused with the newer Direct Injected motors like the E-Tec and Optimax, I don't know what you mean by smoke and oil, I don't have any of that coming out of the back of my motor, my buddy had a 200 EFI that would choke a 4 pack a day smoker, the newer DI motors burn very clean and use about the same amount of gas as a comparable 4 stroke. Now for trolling it's the 4 stroke all the way, I can't even hear my kicker let along smell it and I do love it 4 strokes have there time in place and to each his own, for me it's for trolling, for get up and go raw power it's the Opti or E-Tec.