Why fishing makes me scratch my head

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  1. Went out to Milton today to try the Starcraft boat out that I just bought. Wife tagged along as this boats purchase met with her avid approval. Figured on trying for crappies but that was a bust. Noticed a lot of top water activity and decicded to try for gills. Caught 3 big gills right off bat then boom wife gets going and smokes me 22 to 9.

    Now heres where the head scratching starts. I am baiting her hook and she is using a custom worm harness that I tie . I am using 2 poles she is using 1. Never matter the gills attack hers while spiders build webs on my poles. Then to add insult to injury she starts screaming for the net. I look over the side of the boat and there swims a demented 21" walleye with my harness hanging from its jaw. We were in 19 FOW fishing only 5' deep with bobbers.

    Needless to say the whole neighborhood had to hear of her mighty exploits as soon as we got home. All joking aside these gills were really nice. A lot of them were 9+ inches.
  2. Haha, nice. Which Starcraft boat did you guys purchase?

  3. well atleast ya got a new boat!!! lets see some pics!
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    Nice Report! Especially like the "demented" walleye - we got one of those on Thursday in 13 ft of water 100 yards from the Avon power plant (we figured he was orphaned at birth and raised by white bass).

    I haven't been to Milton in 30 years - how is it for a small boat? I'm setting up my 14 ftr with a 7.5 hp and a new seat set-up and want to test it somewhere this week. Would Milton good, or would Berlin be the better choice?

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    berlin is down about 10 feet . milton would be ok during the week a lot of boats out on the weekend.
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    Did you fillet HER fish for her too?:)
  7. Well of course I filleted her fish. All she does and I mean all is hold her pole and crank em in. Baiting and unhooking is part of MY job too.

    Boat was purchased off of Ohiojmj here on OGF last week. Due to home projects and installing my fishfinders on her. Yesterday was the first chance to get her out.

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  8. Your story about baiting and unhooking the fish stirred a memory; my family used to go the westmeath ontario and fish the ottawa river. anyway about 30 years again me and gramps were fishing a rocky shoal with worms under a bobber. Me being about ten got bored fast. gramps yelled at me to get my rod back in the water. Then a school of smallies hit! within about 15 minutes we caught 11 fish all 2 to 3 lbs! Of course I caught 10 and gramps caught 1 cause he was baitin, nettin, unhookin, and stringin the fish. Fast forward 30 years I told my son that story many times then he started goin with us. We are sitting on the same rocky shoal he's bored, I yell at him to get the pole in the water. About 10 minutes later the fish start we caught 9, he got 8 and I got 1 because this time I was baitin, nettin, unhookin, and stringin. The best part was when he turn and said to me "Dad, this is just like you and peepaw"
    I said "yup".
    thanks for letting me share a memory.
    great times up there unfortunitly we dont get up there anymore Gramps is 92
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    great stories! ..demented walleye..hahaha. wpm, your boat will be perfect for milton. launch at pointview ramp and h ead north you will see the walleye drifters over the winding channel..nnice boat there papa! also cherish that 92 year old gramps,bright...
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    Had that happen to me once I was fishing with 2 girls one on each side of me we were using minnows out of the same bucket and I was baiting their hooks for them and taking their fish off they each caught about 50 perch each and I could not catch anything.
  11. Sounds like the story my dad tells everytime we talk fishin. When my grandfather on my moms side was still alive before I was born he used to go ice fishing with the family and since he had money he would always have the best rod, lures and tackle money could buy. But more often than not , he would be fishing right next to my older brother who was using a stick , old line, and big ole rusty hook , my grandfather not catching anything while my brother brought fish in all day. Kinda funny even though Ive heard the story many times per year since I was born :) This phenomenon is one I am sure everybody has a story about. Completely unexplainable but its almost as if there are things beyond our understanding at work in the universe , even when fishing.
  12. I've taken my girlfriend to Quebeq twice so far. Both times, she outfished everyone in our group two to one. last time we went, she caught the largest walleye, largest pike, largest smallmouth, and largest largemouth.

    She claims it's because she had an exceptional teacher. I can live with that.
  13. haha yea i took my cousin to pymie shes 13 and she destroyed me!!!! i only caught a few perch the whole day. but she caught like 10 perch, a few gills, a couple big cats and a she got to real in a hefty carp, all anchored in the same spot!!!! i dont know what it is but it seems the ones "new" to fishing always do better!!!!!oh and she slept for an hour in the bottom of the boat!!!!!!!!!!LOL
  14. My wife used to fish with me when we first started dating over 30 years ago. Killed me every time(bass, gills, walleye)-even ice fishing (once)! After we married, she said fishing was "boring" and never went again!!
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    I'm just happy my fiance enjoys fishing. She caught this beauty 2 weeks ago in NY! She had many hits and misses. She lost a couple good ones but it's part of the learning process. It's good when the ladies catch them because then they understand how addicting the sport is. She loves topwater. One pike exploded on her lure right in front of our boat and she screamed so loud I told her she needs to audition in Hollywood lol. Good fishing guys.