Why do we do it?

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  1. Philisophical question for everyone. My wife asked me why do I fish? She understands when I bring a few home for dinner, but she didn't quite get why I would go fishing and toss em back. It got me thinking. I know why I do, but why do all of you?

    Since I posed the question, I'll go ahead and start. Sometimes it's just a good excuse to spend time with my dad or with friends, but when I'm by myself I use the time to pray alot. I'm not a religious nut or anything, but there's something about being around water that makes it the perfect time. Nothing wrong with Sunday morning, but anytime out fishing seems right to me.

    There's my thoughts. So now I'd like to hear what everyone else thinks, cause I think it a good question...Why?
  2. i fish a lot on Sundays. I call it "my church time"
    Fishing brings you closer to nature...and yes god...
    My wife is the same way.... I tell her it’s in my blood...
    It’s hard to tell someone who don’t fish the feeling we get
    When were out in a lake or wading a creek or river some place and
    Seeing the sun come up. It’s like watching god wake up and you get to say good morning to him...the fishins fine. Thank you.
    There are a lot of people in the world that can’t say they ever did it...
    maybe thats whats wrong with this world.
    But I have and will to my dieing day...and when I leave this life I’ll know my kids will see the same thing I did...and they will say good morning...

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    I don't fish to see how many I can bring home. It's relaxing being around the water. I guess it brings back memories of when I was a kid fishing Big Walnut Creek or Buckeye Lake. It's different strokes for different folks. My wife rides horses. It's relaxing for her. It would stress most people out. I know people who take their boat to Alum Creek in the evening after work and cruise around for awhile and find a quiet cove and anchor and read the paper. It doesn't make sense to me, but, it doesn't have to.

    One of my most memorable fishing trips was on my birthday (June 11) a couple years ago. I had just gotten an ultra light outfit. I took the canoe and drove the 4 miles to Rockmill Lake and got into a bunch of nice gills. I must have caught 30+ of these 6 to 8 inch fish and didn't keep one. It was a sunny day and I had the whole lake to myself. I'm going back this year for a repeat performance.
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    Mental therapy man :D I work in the IT field, and I'm around screens, keyboards, and servers all day. Nice change of pace, and tranquility to be out on the water. Only screen I have to look at, is a fish finder.

    That, and fishing is NEVER the same twice. You never know what you're gonna end up with, until the day is done. I like the unpredictable nature of the sport.
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    I fish for one reason.....That is to see my name in the state records for largest flathead. ;)
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    I fish to get away from the constant nagging from my wife...LOL
  7. Hooch

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    I'd rather be fishing and thinking about God than
    sitting in church thinking about fishing!
  8. Geez fish4wall....keep that up and you're gonna have me bawling like a baby. :eek:

    I love...

    That "fishy" smell when you first get to the water's edge.

    The call of the loons at Alum.

    Drifting along a shoreline just to watch the wildlife.

    That first cold drenching wave over the bow that wakes you up and lets you know you're still alive. Whoooooo Doggggy!
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    A friend at work this morning called fishing "the enema of the mind".

    This is exactly why I go fishing. To get away from people, the harried pace of life, for the peace and quiet.
    To clean the mind and forget about everything else that always needs done.
    That's the main reason why I don't do tournies, not to mention the egos, the "my boats bigger than yours" syndrome... etc.
  10. I fish because I enjoy the experience for what it is and the one on one as I try to find what will work on the day in question and to be very honest to honor my Dad who may have passed away but also passed on an outdoor tradition that I am so thankful to be able to appreciate and pass on to my children and others...
    The times I am asked if I pray or go to church my answer is always the same I am at Church when I am outdoors hunting/fishing does not matter it is all about the outdoors and my time with my maker and all he has given me I pray for the good and bad but not to be successful during the hunt or to catch a fish...
    I am very grateful for all that is given to me...
    I love to share the outdoors and the times affield or on water with family and friends...
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    I fish for the high. The unknwown of what each cast might bring. Kind of like playing Texas holdem. Each card can completely change your fortunes.
  12. For me, I like being on or around the water, always have, catching or not (But prefer the catching). Last several years I have been going by myself after years of fishing with a buddy who has since moved away. However I have come to like the solidtude and the freeness to fish how I want to, my style or lack of it. But welcome an occasional partner. I enjoy the wildlife the challenge. And like many others, its a good time to contimplate/meditate creation and its maker. I never keep fish (bass), mostly cause I don't want to clean 'em and I hope to catch them again. When I want fish I go to Krogers sea food market. And perhaps most of all, the pursuit and purchase of the next "perfect lure" to add to the ever growing collection of tackle!
  13. Net sorry man....lol
    when my wife and i first got together i took her fishing.
    we stoped and got bait and stuff. she asked weres the beer?
    i told her i came to fish not get drunk....
    she said her x always got beer..i told her im not your x....lol
    fish on
  14. bones

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    for me its a chance to get away and releave some stress.there is nothing better than seeing that line tighten up.its also a chance to hang out with my dad and freinds.just to get away,no noise,no deadlines,no anything but fish.
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    i do so,for most of the previously stated reasons.
    i was born into a family of fishermen and hunters,so i grew up with a fishing rod in one hand,and a gun in the other.
    i read once,another man's reasoning(i believe it was about hunting), which to me is the bottom line,so to speak.
    it's something that is inside most of us(a basic primal instinct),burning like a fire,from the beginning of mankind,when survival depended on it.it may not be neccessary for survival,and the fire may be no more than a tiny ember in some now,due to our evolution,but it's there none the less.but in me,at least,and others,i'm sure,it's still rages.it is a part of my being,to the extent that i wouldn't feel "whole" without it.
    my wife is like some others,in that she doesn't fully understand WHY i have to fish,but she does understand fully,the fact that i do HAVE to fish,because it's a part of who i am,and that's good eneough for her :)
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    :) Its like golf for me. I turn off the cell phone and enjoy nature and all the smells and noise's that come with it. I was raised on hunting and fishing and taught to respect it. I thank my father and grandfather and there fathers for teaching them the same and one day when I have childern I will take them out to catch that first bluegill like my dad did for me.
  17. I think it's the idea that we like to think that we know what is going on below the water's surface, when in reality, we really know very little! I just like to think like a fish-takes the mind off of all of life's little problems.

    Rick-If you have a fishing rod in one hand, and a gun in the other, isn't it hard to use either one of them effectively?! :p

  18. misfit

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    you've never seen cast or shoot,have you? :D ;)
    damn,i'm good :D

    i used to float the creeks and shoot squirrels and cattch cats at the same time ;)
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    Why? Because I can't dance.