Why did I do it???

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Big Daddy, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. Oh man.... THE PAIN!!! Today was my daughter's soccer team picnic(13 yr olds)... We always have a gals VS adults soccer game... I started in the goal but then switched out to midfielder... BIG MISTAKE!!! Was holding my own but when I planted to make a kick.... OUCH!!!! My left knee gave out and then locked up... Did I quit? HELL NO! Play through the pain, right? I'm tough... Did score a goal, but man, am I paying the price... The pain in my knee is THROBBING. Can't wait until Monday when it REALLY starts to hurt...

    I'll never learn... The days of my athletic prowess are LONG over... And a word to you youngsters... DON'T GET FAT!!!

    Thank goodness for Motrin, Voltaren ointment, and very cold beer...

    Going steelie fishing/videotaping in the AM... I hope I can get out of bed!!!
  2. Carl,
    Some NEVER learn. I'm darn near 62 & still gettin' stupid with the Grandkids, so NO, I'm betting you'll never learn either. You seem to like kids too much (that's really a good thing).
    Hope you heal soon.

  3. Gju42486

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    i hear ya carl---i am getting old too :p

    i guess the next question......is who won? :)
  4. BMS

    BMS That fish got teeth

    hope thw steelies help ease the pain
  5. Ruminator

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    I hear you too Carl. :(

    In my mind I think of myself as like in my late 30's as far as my body goes. At least thats how it generally feels.
    But my 52 yr. old body just won't perform like it did in my late 30's.
    For some reason our minds and hearts(the way we feel) age much slower than our bodies I guess... :eek:

    I hope you feel better soon. Take it easy tomorrow.....yea right. :D
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    Learned my lesson about 8 years ago, while playing basketball with my nephews, 12 and 13. Went up and grabbed a rebound and came down wrong. Broke my foot.:mad: They still talk about it.:p I only do one sport now. FISHING.
  7. Chuck P.

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    LOL...Try playing tackle football with everyone at least half your age.

    It's amazing how easily ribs fracture when you age.

    Good luck to ya, I feel your pain...
  8. Parents won 6-1 :)

    Man, it's not feelin good... And you're all correct... I'll never learn! LOL!
  9. That hurts! I took two out in one year Carl. Good thing one was fishing!:p
  10. MAN! The hits keep getting better!

    Headed to the Grand to do some steelie fishing... Getting the waders on wasn't too bad... A walk of nearly a mile through woods and undergrowth... NOT GOOD! Got my left foot stuck under a branch and tripped... Felt like I got shot! If there were any deer in that stretch of woods, they were gone after I screamed! After the pain subsided and we got fishing, it felt good to get in the water and the pressure on the knee really felt good. Did stiffen up though.

    6 hours later, no fish, more swelling, and a long walk back to the car... Liver and learn.
  11. I can relate. At 45 y/o, I decided to get into running this year. Started jogging in June and my goal was to run the 13.1 mile, 1/2 marathon in Columbus today. I reached my goal to finish and my time was in-line with what I wanted (2-hours, 13 minutes). That's probably slow by most standards, but I pushed myself hard to get done by then.
    Felt good until about five minutes after I completed the run. Pretty much can't walk straight right now and I'm sure it'll feel even worse tomorrow.
    That's ok though, I scheduled it to be a day off, so I'll just go fishing and see if it loosens up.
  12. ha glad to hear i wasn't the only one who had a rough weekend.
    went fourwheeling and broke the ankle lol