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Why catch a release?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by rustyfish, Jul 29, 2004.

  1. Im not starting war here. I have just been going back and forth on this subject and want to know what others feel. What is so great about catch and release. People dont set live traps for deer just to see what they catch, size, rack. I mean if you catch a fish and plan on eating it, it is no big deal if it has the hook down to its stomach, or hooked in the eye. Dont get me wrong sometimes i do catch a release and i do not have a problem with it. But dosent it seem a little pointless. It could be viewed as disturbing nature with no just reason. I just dont understand the reason fish are treated different than other animals. If you are walking through the woods and see an animal we usually leave it alone, unless hunting for food. If you want a good fight try getting a black bear in on a Zebco 33. Lots of people go fishing planning to through everything back, including bad hooked fish that are going to die. Im not trying to be a tree hugger here, but that is a waste.

    What is bringing this on is that are types of fishing practices that are judged in a world that glorifies hooking fish for fun. I hear lots people complaining about guys that keep everything they catch evey where they go. At least they have a purpose to catch the fish. I guess this is why i was never a fan of carp fishing, i never saw a point in catching them, other than not have to compete with anyone for them.

    Like i said, i do not want to fight with anyone. I want to know how others feel. If you want to express your anger do it on PM. I release fish too, but im starting to wonder why.
  2. If you have to ask why, then your fishing for a different reason than many of us. I keep a few select fish to eat too, but that's not why I fish.

  3. Why do I catch and release? I do it because 1) I don't want to clean them, 2) I forgot to bring a cooler and ice to put them in, 3) most of the places I fish I don't catch fish big enough to keep and clean, 4) I fish and then go and do other things and can't clean the fish right away. Those are just some of the reasons. The major reason is I want to have something to catch at a later time.

  4. I do most of my fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass and I am proud to say that I am primarily a catch and release fisherman. I do this to preserve the genes and save the big largemouth and smallmouth from the dinner plate. I release any bass over 3 pounds to serve as brood for spawning season and they will not taste as good as the smaller bass will.
    I will keep some small bass 1) if the pond has a large enough number to support me having a fish fry 2) there are too many small bass and the numbers need reduced.
    I also refuse to keep any larger bass because I want to have the opportunity to catch them again if it is a pond I have permission to fish. It makes me feel satisfied to trick a big bass into hitting my lure and then watch him swim away after a fight. I already have a 6.5 pound bass mounted, I don't need any more on the wall.
    This is just my 2 cents worth from someone who likes to fish and enjoy the sport!
  5. catking

    catking Banned

    I fish for the fun of it only. Sure, in my younger days, I kept alot of fish. That was in the days when the population of the USA was HALF of what it is now. HALF!!! And that was in 1970 or so. It has taken only 35 years for our nation the DOUBLE. In the next few decades, we will double again. If everybody kept fish like 99% DID back in the " Good Old Day" what do you think would happem? I read on this site all the time where people my age say fishing was better back when we were young. Well, it WAS..... there are probably 90% more boats now with high tech equipment than back in the days of a row boat. But there also are alot mor lakes nowdays, and BIG ones. So maybe it's been offset? Oh yea, I'm also alot more lazy now that I was....... :D .THE CATKING !!!
  6. I fish for the challenge involve in finding the fish and then figuring out how to make them bite. I take those I want to eat or give to members of my family and the rest are returned to the water, possibly a little smarter and harder to catch the next time. I also hunt to kill deer but then again I also hunt for the challenge of getting the deer into arrow range and deciding whether or not to collect the animal. I normally let small bucks and does walk away and don't figure I have simply invaded nature for no good reason. I noticed your avitar and the good sized catfish you are holding. Do you kill cats that size and are they good to eat or do you return them to the water as everyone else I know does when they get fish that large. I hope that my answers along with those that preceeded it will help you understand why many of us choose to catch and release and our varied reasons for doing so. :)
  7. I choose to catch an release some fish so when i go back to the water to fish there might be more of em.I love fishing and do it for the sport.Im proud to say i dont always take my limit.being as i didnt catch em in the first place or i have enough to eat
  8. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    I fish for the challenge and sport of it, not for food....If I want to eat fish I will buy it at the grocery store.
  9. ncraft150

    ncraft150 Buckeye-Basser

    I release everything. Even the 7#er (bass) I caught at Long Lake a few years ago. I don't care to eat fish. Fishing is relaxing and challenging. It is a way for a lot of guys to get together. I'm in it for the sport. Most people that are tend to treat the fish better so the resource will be there for years to come. Think about it. As many people as I see at Portage each weekend. If each one limited out and kept their fish how long would it take for the lake to die or for ODNR to come in and ban keeping any fish. Not long at all. I respect what ever each person choses as long as it is within the law. One last thing, Mrs. Ncraft150 hates the boat so it is a easy way to get away for a day!!
  10. I release everything I catch unless somebody else wants it and they can take it home and clean it. I hate cleaning fish due to when I was a child we would go to Rice Lakes in Canada and me and my dad would be cleaning alot of bluegills that week. I mean ALOT. I never really cared for the taste of fish also. As for hunting I hunt for what I Will eat. I am not a person to go into a woods and blast everything I see. Ok enough of me..................Rich
  11. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    I keep a good number of fish each year but also release alot. I choose to keep the ones that i do because i have alot of people in my family who aren't fortunate enough to get to fish as much as i do and they love to have a fish dinner now and again. I mainly keep walleye and panfish , such as perch, crappie and gills, but I keep a special few bass and catfish for my grandma. I also release most of my bass, including a number of nicer fish, just because I can. I know it's much better for me to get to enjoy them again at a later time.
  12. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    I personally know Rustyfish, I've lived with him at college, I have his phone number and talk to him on a weekly basis, so basically I reserve to the right to say:

    Rustyfish; you are an idiot.

    Edit : At Basspro in Cinci there is a sign on the wall that reads "Most men spend their life fishing, not knowing its not actually the fish they are looking for." I love that saying, if you understand it good :)
  13. well,
    there are 1000+ members on this board
    most of us fish at least 1 time a week(average over the course of a year)
    if each person kept just one fish each time out that would be 52 fish per year x 1,000 members is 52,000 fish
    im sure we only have a small percent of the people who fish in ohio and i have no clue how many fish there are but 52,000 would be a heck of a dent for any state
    now lets say we all kept everything we catch and lets use a small number like 10 pounds of fish per week on average
    520 pounds per person per week
    520,000 just for this board a year!!!!
    now im sure you can figure out what a half million pounds of fish a year would do over the course of lets say 10 years...20...i think you get the point
  14. I think that most catch and release fisherman do so because they have a higher respect for the privilege; and they get more "kick" out of it than the rest. Personally, I would not call myself a catch and release fisherman, I am a die hard meat-hunter. I love the taste of all fishes, and I enjoy the beers and jokes and fellowship at the cleaning table. But on occasion, I have cheek-kissed a few very special ones and let 'em go. More so since the size limits are up. :)
  15. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    Maybe you don't get catch & release. I don't get keeping them all. I fish for the sport of it. If I want to keep a fish or two, I will. Occasionally I get a striper that inhales a lure full of 2/0 or 3/0 trebles into it's gills & is a "dead" fish. I see the natural resources as a valuable resource. I am an (we are) intrusted guardian of them. Not to be boasting, but I've have some real good days fishing. I have friends who also are quite good at catching. It would be no problem to limit out on many fish & those which don't have a limit (ie: catfish or white bass, crappies, etc) one could fill cooler(s) or even a proverbial boatload. Why? Do I need to stock a freezer? Am I an ego maniac who must give fish away to all my neighbors or strangers. I've seen many times where someone will stringer fish on the bank, and then when they leave, look to give them away to anyone who will take them. Usually the fish are in the last stages of death. Speaking of limits, those aren't there because it's a good idea to keep that many either. Some feel it's been determined that one should keep that many. Limits are there so when one does get into a great day when the fish are vunerable(like during spawn, pre or post & fall feed bag) and easy to catch alot of numbers, they are protected from overharvest.
    If you are going to keep fish, they should be gutted & the gills removed and put on ice. That's the proper care of a harvested fish.
    Anyway, I don't feel the natural resources are my personal "free" grocery store. I don't give fish away either, unless it's a "dead fish" anyway. That's another big waste. People catching fish & giving them away. I only keep what I want for myself & usually that's none. I've seen the warden ticket those who give away fish. If you catch & keep a limit of fish...whether you keep them yourself or give them away, you can only keep one limit. Not a limit for yourself & then one for someone else & also if you contribute a fish or accept a fish that puts either you or them over a limit, you are now a poacher & can be fined for all those fish, not just the ones over the limit..ALL of them. I think in IN you are not permitted to even give them away, you don't "own" the fish. I brought that up once, because often people keep walleyes in their livewell & if they only wind up with one or 2 they might ask if you want it. I wondered because what if I had my limit, could I accept those fish. NO was the answer, and I was told they can't give them away either, and i can only keep what I catch.
    Now I know we can go with that fine line thing again. There's a clearly defined line. It's in the regulations, if you haven't read them, by all means, do so. That's the short version you get with your license, there's a long version too. ;)
  16. I also keep a decent amount of fish but I also throw alot back. I try not to get caught up in the label thing. I love a fish dinner whether its saugeye, bass, gills, cats(smaller ones), whatever(NOT CARP :rolleyes: ) but I also teach my kids the proper handling of fish whether they hit the stringer or are released. Always follow the bag and slot limits whether someone is watching or not. To me that is the issue. It's the guys who are breaking the law that we need to worry about because there are alot of them.
  17. Doctor

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    I too am mainly a C/R person, I want to make sure that my Grandkids can have the same thrills as I have had during my lifetime of fishing.

    There's one fish that I will not throw back as I keep each and everyone I can get my hands on and that's a Skipjack, at one time I had over 200 of them in the freezer, there all almost gone, think I'm down to about a dozen, I practice a lot of recycling with them as I return them to the water which they came from looking for Godzilla..:D :D :D .:D........Doc
  18. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    LOL,fishman :D
    i don't know him,but after reading some of his posts,i reserve the right to agree with you :rolleyes: :D ;)

    i love this too,and also understand it :cool:
  19. :rolleyes:
    hahahaa... :D
    Ditto what misfit said ;)
  20. Rustyfish,
    One part to the issue that is really confusing to me is the catch and release floaters after the weigh-in.
    When I was a younger kid, (am still a kid, just not young anymore) my dad and grandfather taught me catch and release with the northern pike. Just hold that gator by the eye-ball sockets, they said; and he can't get you. As I found out 20 years later, handling a northern by the eye-ball sockets is now against the law on that lake (Pelican lake in Orr, MN). We must have wasted 100 30+ inch northerns in a week on three different trips. So, in alot of cases, even when we try, we fail at preserving the resource, even when we release.