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why can't I do a custom Avaitor

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by joe01, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. joe01

    joe01 Functional Fisherman

    For some reason when I try to edit my avaitor it will not let me do a custom or a standard NEED SOME HELP PLEASE HELP
  2. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Describe the steps you are doing, errors etc...makes it a lot easier for us to figure out what's goin on!

  3. I've been wanting to customize an avatar myself and I got some awesome ideas but I am too dumb to figure it out. I don't even know how to submit pictures. I just found a couple good pictures I found stored on my computer a few weeks ago and was trying to share but the files that were saved in jpg format were said to be too big??
  4. joe01

    joe01 Functional Fisherman

    I go to edit avaitor were it says edit current avaitor. It says Do not use an avatar. For some reason I can't get the dot off in less I go to custom. And I don't want to put a custom avaitor.
  5. this may help

    Find a picture that you want to use. If you find it on the internet, right-click on the picture and save it to your hard drive. Then, do whatever you need to do with your image software to make it what you want. MAKE SURE THE SIZE IS REASONABLE! So make sure it's somewhat close to the size of everyone else's avatar.

    Once you've got the picture like you want it, go to and sign up. It's a free image hosting site. Upload your image from your hard drive to their server. Then when you view your account, you'll see that picture. It will have the URL posted right below the picture. Click on that URL (that's the web address, in case you didn't know), and copy it. This is done by highlighting the address and hitting CTRL-C on your keyboard. This copies it to your clipboard on your computer. Then come here to this board and go to your user profile. Paste that URL into the correct place in your profile where it tells you to enter the URL. You paste it from your clipboard by hitting CTRL-V. Then hit "submit" and it should be displayed under your name in all your posts.

    Using is the proper way to do it, because that's what their site is for. They will host it for you and don't mind you using their bandwidth for that purpose. But it's uncool to simply use the URL from a website who hasn't given you permission to do so.
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