why can't automaker's make it more easier for the home mechanic?

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  1. replaced a bad positve battery cable and starter on my 1992 gmc sonoma today. 4.3 V6. if i had a 16th of an inch more room between the bell housing and starter it would have been a breeze but no i wrestled with that starter for 5 hours and i noticed to day i got a broke motor mount. on the bright side i bought a nice fiberglass cap for the truck for 100.00. sliding front window 2 side windows with screens and a big rear hatch with a lock.no more tent camping for me.you remember that monsoon that came through dayton the 2nd saturday night in july? i was in a tent for that whole storm
  2. cause repairs at the dealership is a big market... they design cars to break

  3. and believe me they break. i bought a 1998 S-10 in 2001 at 80,000 miles the tranmission went out so i sold it as is paid off the loan at my loss and never had a car payment since. i own my truck and car outright and love it
  4. i would tend to agreee, never had a problem with my acura that i owned, had it for 40k miles and only had to do oil changes and regular maintenance
  5. 92 Thats still an easy one to work on, if you had it on a lift it would be a 15 min job. :)
  6. Cars/trucks are designed that way so that you want to buy a new one when the warranty runs out. They have the ability to make autos that last a very long time and arent difficult to fix when they break down but they think they will lose sales that way. Some more backwards thinking for us ignorant masses to absorb.
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    Cars and trucks are designed to be put together as fast as possible on the assembly line and parts take less than minute to put on. But when a part breaks you usually have to take off a lot of other parts just to get to it.
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    Try getting your driver's side spark plugs out of that engine. They put the steering box right in the way.
  9. I tend to disagree..Back in the day, I would have to get a new muffler every two years... tires lasted about 30,000 miles...Plugs and points 12,000 miles. Now a days all you have to do is change the oil on a regular basis and you can get 100,000 + with no trouble....Back in the 70's you car would be a a rust bucket in three - four years....I do agree that they have so much more stuff under the hood that it helps to be a contorionist to do any repairs. JMHO
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    I would wager that the shops are the only thing keeping many dealers open right now. No coincidence, I assure you.
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    10 minutes in a room alone with Ford engineers. LOL Man, I could have beaten a few to death a few times.
    I remember in '94 when the Lincoln MkVII's came out. First Lincoln with the 4.6L engine in it and it was baaaaaad, in a good way. It sounded great when you stomped on it, had great pick-up and rode like a dream. Unfortunately they had an issue right away with the oil pump reliefs and they were hanging up. Oil pressure would shoot up to 150 psi and blow the filters off the engine. What happens on the highway at 70 mph when all your oil spews out in a matter of seconds? Your engine blows up. In a hurry. Ford found the problem right away and sent new crate engines to all the dealers who had MkVIIs in stock. I was the engine tech at the dealership and got to replace all 6 we had.
    Welllllllllllllllllllllll, upon close inspection I found that to swap an engine in a MkVII, you had to drop the entire suspension from under the car and pick the car up off the assembly. No pulling an engine- no, you had to disassemble the whole front end of the car. I couldn't believe it. I had to put the car on the lift, leave it on the ground and then take everything off from underneath while laying on the ground. Needless to say, after the 6th one I was done with whoever designed this stupid system. I wanted some engineer butt that day!!!

    Ever change the water pump on a Chevette? How about an alternator in a Taurus with a Duratec engine? How about a temperature door in an Aerostar? Aggravation doesn't even begin to describe it...


    Been there, done that.
  12. Engineers are same where ever you go. They provide exactly the design that management dictates. Try spanking accountants' or high level managers' tight little butts before you pick on the engineers of the industrialized world. We have good common sense, but that's not how business is run. After 30 yrs in engineering, I just give them what they ask for as long as it doen't infringe on ethical standards with regard to life/safety. I'm sure the Ford engineers debated the merits of saving a few pennies during production at the expense of difficult servicing.
  13. Funny you say that when I saw this thread I was thinking the same thing.
  14. They/dealer(under warranty) had to TAKE THE CAB OFF my F250 to fix/reseal the leaking bed plate on my TurboStroke diesel engine! That, and a NEW turbo took them a week! Of course, it took four trips in for problems, and finally a call to the Ford's Nat'l. Customer Service office to get this much done-but they finally fixed everything!

    Why don't they make them so you can fix them? For the same reason there will never be a cure for cancer- -MO MONEY!!
  15. I've allways said to let these so called (idiots) who design their brainstorms to then let them try to change a part, fix it or maintain it. Then they might try to redesign their work. Let them get their hands dirty. What looks good on the drawing board not allways works.
    I forget what car it was, but I think it was a 'vette', year-?, but one had to lift the entire engine out to change one of the plugs. Now does that make any SMARTS???????
  16. Yet a LOT of those old cars from back in the day ( and before ) are still on the road and still repairable by the novice. The majority of modern cars , though you may get 100,000 miles on them with no trouble usually start nickel and diming you to death around the time the warranty runs out or soon after , and only a select few last longer than 10-15 years as a reliable vehicle.

    I dont think its a coincidence that problems start popping up with them as the warranty expires and the auto companies have been making cars for way too long not to have noticed that themselves. You would think that by now they "could" have designs for easy repair , atleast for the dealerships but they arent stupid. They would rather you buy a new vehicle than fix it yourself or return it to the shop a million and one times trying to get something to work right.
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    I agree, cars and trucks are a pain in the arse to work on.

    I had a headlight go out on my old Trailblazer, I tried to figure out how to do it right..well I failed many times so I took it into the shop. Cost me $70 Turns out the entire grill and two other pieces have to come off before you can reach the back of the headlamp now that's BS.

    Ohh I had a 90's S10. To change those plugs you have to rip off the dust flaps in the wheel well and go through there with a right angle socket...I had to do it a couple times. SUCKED.
  18. You all the consumers are why they have become what they are!You ask for all the bell and whistles,low pollution and gas mileage,of course they need to change the looks every year :confused: LOL start buying the basic cars that are still made and none of the others and maybe the manufacturers will start listening and stop making the cars/trucks that you all claim to hate;)
  19. as an autoworker (GM Parma stamping plant) you guys hit the nail right on the head. they will over engineer the hell of a car for no reason. my nightmare story is on any 4x4 s10 blazer/pickup. when the torsion mounts go out and it sounds like somebody is beating the bottom of the trick with a bat when you turn. jack up the transfer case. two bolts on the bottom and one on top. comes apart real easy because the mount is broke. you will never ever get the passenger mount back in without taking out the transfer case!!! or you could figure out to cut 1/2 inch off of the top mount bolt and it will slide right in.....it does not affect the mount at all but can you imagine a 15 minute job turning into an all day affair because you dont know a little cheat on a repair.....i have a 2007 silverado and still plow with my 85 k10 all winter. when it breaks down you can find parts for it everywhere. no computer or anything.