Who's laid off?

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  1. Just wondering how many people here have been laid off or lost their jobs recently. I've been off since before Christmas first time in 25 years. Did get called back today but shortened hours and not sure how long that is going to last. Had to cut back on some things like heat and food so I can still fish but a man has to do what a man has to do. Have plenty of fish from Erie and stuff from the garden and plenty of venison so won't starve but have had to make some adjustments so I am able to enjoy the things I like to do. Seems everyone I talk to lately are in the same boat. If I weren't so old I'd join the Coast Guard! Bad thing is think it's going to get worse before it gets better.
  2. Lewis


    Rex..the machine shop (job shop) that I worked at for over 20 years is on severely reduced hours and layoffs are coming very,very soon.
    Manufacturing in this country is way down.
    I too see it getting worse before it gets better.

  3. smallieguy

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    I was "let go" last April 1. Just found a job yesterday. I had to change
    careers and take a 10k pay cut but the unemployment is running out
    and I gotta eat so, I'll do what I have to. Last year I made all kinds of
    adjustments in my life because of income. Fishing was the hardest hit.
    I wouldn't let myself drive more the 15 miles to go fishing because of that
    $4. a gallon liquid gold my truck burns. But the good side was I learned
    a lot about some local lakes and now believe there is some pretty good
    fishing right here. I also believe it will get a lot worse before it gets better.
    Anyone out there looking for work, I can feel for you. Some days it was
    harder than others and my self worth hit the toilet some days but it
    never lasted long.
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    off all week of jan 19th. 2 weeks for chrismass and starting next week we will be on a 4 day week.signing up and getting on the internet was not easy at all w/ a confusing website , and now trying to get ahold of some one on the phone is another nightmare alltogether.
  5. Fishpro

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    I got "laid off":rolleyes: from my job over a year ago. I've had 2 jobs since, and got laid off from both of those too. This frickin' economy sucks.:mad:
  6. I am not laid off at this time, but was notified today that there will be 500 :( jobs cut after 700 :( were cut last June 08. I am employed by the Dept Rehabilitation & Corrections for the State of Ohio.

    It isn't getting any better out there.

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    I saw on the news that Lincoln Electric is going to lay off a million some employees all over the world to cut expenses. That's a lot!
  8. I myself was just laid off this week with no garrentte of recall dates.
    So, Looks like the fish will be trembeling on the lake soon.
  9. misfit

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    luckiy,being on social security,i don't have to worry about losing my job.it may not be much,but i know that check will be there every month.but who knows what could happen to that some day:confused:
    things are getting tough all over,and yes,they'll get worse.the columbus police department just laid off the new recruit class before they even graduated.when our public services start taking hits like that,it will only create more problems.
    strap yourselves in,and get ready for a rough ride.i've been through at least two pretty tough recessions,but this one is shaping up to be worse.it already is in some ways.
  10. Ruminator

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    I'm laid-off this week. I had a bad feeling I couldn't shake all day.

    Its been 30 yrs. since I was last laid-off, and those were for full 2 yr. stretches with this company.(steel company)
    My company is going to shut down the first and second week of each month to start out depending upon customer orders. At least thats the plan so far...
  11. since theres nothing you can do about losing your job... i'm looking at it as that vacation i kept putting off. laid off dec.19th.
  12. cantsleep

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    My wife is now an ex-GM employee, at the same time my job eleminated overtime. I'm still working 40/per, but she hasn't been able to find anything.
    Hunker down, boys. This is gonna get tough.
  13. smallieguy, glad to hear you found something. my workplace has that "bad feeling" right now. we know the axe is coming for a few people very soon. i looked in th classifieds sunday and there really is nothing out there right now. hope it gets better soon. good luck guys.
  14. I'm required to seek employment with at least two employers each week I'm off. Good luck finding anyone that is hiring right now. Getting ready to go to work now but after being there yesterday don't think it'll be long before I'm off again.
  15. i've been off since sep took 2nhalf months of fighting with ue to finally start getting paid.they just dont listen to what you tell them ,anif they do it goes in one ear and out the other.took one trip on the linda may in nov and got big fish of the day .best day i've had in months.getting laid off seems to be standard procedure for me for last five years.last job i took said they never laid off was there 3 weeks when they told us we were gone .got an extrra month after tht then cya.
  16. Long time looker, 1st time poster. Had 2 weeks off in Dec, will in Feb, Mar and Apr, but I don't see it lasting for much longer than that. Grateful to have a Job and health insurance. Good luck to all.
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    I work on a seasonal contract at the KSU golf course that was terminated a month earlier than normal, and if it gets renewed, it will be for reduced hours. There is also talk of the course closing its doors, but that seems doubtful.
  18. I have been off since late june and looking and applying everywhere. I have sent apps to places i never would of imagined. i have been in the remodeling/home improvement trade for a long time luckily I have been piccking up a lil work here and there. I am in east central Ohio Columbus to zanesville if you need anything done or looked at on your house please free feel to call my cell 1 740 404 8833 or 1 740 246 3959. I feel for all those out there looking
  19. littleking

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    a million? doubt it... they only employ 9,600 people worldwide.