whos going out this weekend???

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by fish4wall, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. i hope we get some snow....i'll be out sunday for sure...i hope sat night.
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    I thought about it, but I just can't sit when its under 20 degrees. If it get above 20 I might be able to get out again. My problem is that ice fishing is going to be picking up and that makes for one really hard decision for me

  3. I'll be out Sat. and Sun. pm. This looks like the last weekend to hunt before icefishing starts. I hate it when that happens.
  4. dont get me wrong i ice fish also...but i have 2 tags i need to fill...lol
  5. I will be going out in the evenings! I just got in a little bit ago saw a herd of 6 at five oclock on the button, browsing though the open timber,coming from their bedding area, a posted tract of state owned property,I went up a tree right where I saw them going though earlyer this week and this time they filtered though the timber about 100 yards farther south of me,being in their winter pattern I haven`t quite been able to get a shot,matter of time,think I`am going to take vacation from work the last week of the season and get out there everyday,got to try out the arcticshield boot blankets tonight for the 1st time and they worked like a charm! no more cold feet for me.
  6. I set up a mineral block today to hope to keep the deer I have been chasing close. I am going to try and get out sat...these deer move more around 9am, it is just a large area, hard to guess where they are going to be hangin...

    good luck to all, that brave the cold!
  7. the deer were moving yesterday, I was not in range but a heard of 6 crossed right behind me around 5:30pm. I have guessed wrong everytime...
  8. son and I went out last night,went up stands about 200 yards apart,had a herd of maybe a doz entertain use for the last 30 min`s of daylight but stayed well out of range, its 5 degrees here with a foot of lake effect snow and still snowing this morning, I`am leaning towards staying indoors today, just seems like a smart thing to do:D
  9. It's a hard choice to set in the teens or single digits. I was out last day last year for a whole 2 hrs. when it was less than 15. bbrrrrrr.
    We're going out 1/24 - 26, we'll see. Look for browse feeding off brush & brier leaves.
  10. Bula fisherman what are they feeding on . I am hunting asht. also and haven t been there since muzzy season.Think of hitting it tues and weds,,,...
  11. halfrack,the farm I hunt is all timber,and over grown fields and over grown pasture, before the snow they where feeding in the neighboring farmers back hay fields,this week we have been watching them browsing on undergrowth in the timber and the growth along edges,last trip out to my stand I ran across some sign of them working a mixed stand of white and red oak but I don`t think there are many acorns left,they where hitting them heavy this fall.