Who woulda thunk it?

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    WINNER I hate Cleveland.

    Cincinnati 4-11-1
    New Cleveland 4-12-0


    I know we both stink...I guess misery loves company :)


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    Yeah, but the Browns did manage to set a new NFL record today...24 quarters without an Offensive touchdown.:rolleyes:

  3. I thought the Browns were a playoff team for sure before the season, even in the middle of the season I would have swore they would have a better record than us when all was said and done.
  4. Guys...with the right personel, we (the Browns) should be fine next year. Cincy has nothing to look foreward to except the suspense of who is going to be the first to be arrested during the offseason.
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    haha, really? The Bengals are looking to be in better shape for next year. We have Carson coming back, you have an unproven QB, new coaching staff, and the same team that sucked this year.

    Don't worry Braylon will once again lose more games than he wins with his drops.
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    i love ohio football teams, they make my 7-9 bills look just about average:p

    WINNER I hate Cleveland.

    I beg to differ...Cincinnati has not being in cleveland to look forward to...

  8. Yeah, you guys have a lot to look foreward too. Let's see...Ocho Stinko was terrible this year. Whosyourmomma may be testing the free agent market. Carson is coming back, but let's face it...he started the season off terribly.

    In hindsight, we both don't have much to look foreward too, but I feel the Browns have more talent on their roster than what the Bengals have. Just my opinion.
  9. I will agree with you on 1 thing that both teams have alot of work to do to catch up the the Steelers and Ravens, I really cant see how you think the Browns roster is so much more star studded than ours??? dont get me wrong I like some of the pics they have made in the draft..I think they also made some bold moves in FA..but for you to sit there and say that the Browns are on the brink and we are going down the drain is not very realistic, I mean you guys let Benson rush on you for 170+ yds behind a patchwork O-Line with no threat of the pass, on the day the Browns D gave up better than 200 on the ground, Fitzpatrick when he needed to was able to drop back in the pocket and make his reads without pressure..again behind a jumbled line, The Bengals D which has been amongst the worse in the NFL for years held you guys scoreless, I know things would have been different had we not had to play Dorsey..Fitzpatrick came from Harvard of all places and wasnt much better when he first started this year, Im not slamming the Browns who knows with different leadership and a descent draft along with a FA or two they might make a run in 09...but at this point of the game your the pot calling the kettle black.
  10. I'm a Browns fan, and you're absolutely right. There is no reason for any Browns fan to bash the Bengals. If anything, the Bengals ended the season with some momentum and they gained one valuable thing the Browns didn't this year - EXPERIENCE for their younger QB. The Browns QUIT. You can't go 24 quarters without a touchdown in the NFL unless you're just not trying. The Bengals were the most injured team in the NFL to boot, so they have more to look forward to. That being said, I do think the Browns WILL BE a better team than Cincy next year, but right now, the Bengals are a better team than the Browns. They kicked our tail with their 4th running back of the year, backup QB, and zero passes to Hooshamazilla. If you can't score on the Bengals, it's real hard to justify making fun of them.
  11. Before the season started the talk about the Browns was whether they could stop anyone on defense. Their offense would put up the points needed but their defense was very suspect. To look back on that now makes it very hard to picture. I don't know where they will be next year but the firings that happened no doubt needed done. I only wish that there was a way they could have fired Romeo mid-season and installed an interim coach. At least you may have given a bit of a chance at motivating the team. There was absolutely no motivation in that team from somewhere in the middle of the season on.

    As was mentioned no TD's in a 6 game span is completely laughable. I really don't think there was a worse team in the league at the end of the season than the Browns. I think Detroit could have stayed out of the record books if they had Cleveland on the late season schedule.

    As was mentioned by others I believe there is a significant amount of talent on this team so they "should" be capable of being in playoff contention next year. However I doubt that you will hear as many 10+ win predictions from folks as there were last year.;)
  12. It seems as though there ownership is not playing around, they have been calling the best coaches available, they are courting maybe the best young GM candidate out there, they are not afraid to go after the players they want either in FA or jumping up in the draft, while we are stuck down there with the owner we got...running off the same blueprint that has made us a laughing stock for 15yrs, at least the Browns ownership is smart enough to know hey we just got alot of money...we dont know squat about putting together and managing a NFL team..that why we hire it done, we on the other hand are stuck with a guy who thinks because his last name is Brown that he inherited his Dads football smarts...and make no bones about it ole Mikey holds the trump card everytime they all sit down at the table, I also believe there is more of a stigma hanging over the Bengals than the Browns, I believe we might have to do a little more sweetalking and put a little more money out there to convince any FA to come to town, and if we ever decide to let Marvin go then God help us finding a descent coach because Mikey cast a long shadow.
  13. I'm hoping that Cower at least agreed to advise Lerner on the QT about how to run a franchise. Lord knows he needs it. I may be in the minority here but I think firing Savage was a huge mistake. He's the only one that's picked a probowl player since we got the team back.
  14. From what little bit I have heard Cowher is looking at the Jets job...he might have his hands full with that as well as his analyst job.
  15. Mac - Savage's problems weren't his drafting prowess. He was decent at that, but how can you even consider relying on a guy who sends emails to fans that are as coherent as a teenage girl's text messages? Savage was in over his head in my opinion. He's a good personnel guy, but not a good GM. Similarly, Romeo was a good DC, but not a good HC.

    Just my opinion though. I know plenty of Savage supporters.
  16. The email was childish I will admit but if you think we were frustrated just think how he felt. Not condoning what he did but, come on, it was an email for goshes sake. Watch him turn into one of the best GM's in history just like Belachick. (sp) The media tried to run him out of town because he wasn't sociable. He also made some huge mistakes early in his career. Letting Bernie go in favor of Philcox and then after injuries I think we had a receiver playing QB before that season was over. Part of giving raises to people who haven't performed those duties yet is living with their mistakes, to a point. Before we hired Savage, I was in the break room at work talking to a couple guys and this truck driver from outside the plant comes over and asks to sit down. He says it sounds like I know what I'm talking about so I tell him what we should do. Get rid of Courtney Brown and Big Dummy. We are paying these two DL to be superstars and they are average at best. One can't stay on the field and the other thinks he is much better than he really is. Take that money and build an OL. Anyone who has ever played knows you can't win without one. Savage did exactly what I said so I know him to be a genius lol and was in the process of building a team to last in my opinion. I hate to preach patience (I was 4 in 1964 so I've been waiting for a while now) But I think getting rid of Modell was the best thing that could have happened to the Browns. It took a long time to get someone who knew what they were doing because the NFL played us all for fools the way we got our team back and now he is gone. I figured Romeo was gone but we needed to keep Savage.