Who was that AZ Angler on long lake sun mourn?

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    Crossed paths' with another Arizona angler on long lake sun mourning while doing a tourni. We wanted to talk more but My wrist watch was getting tighter and tighter every min I wasn't fishing. to that angler, I thought you said your handle here was badbass or something like that. Kim told me we wouldnt remember it and she was right again. ( I just hate it when she's right all the time.) To that Alamo Lake angler IM us and lets talk about some walls out west. Canyon and Saharo were closest to me and the Salt river. Loved Lake Pleasant for those 8 and 10 pound toads on Zara spooks. Shads busting the surface in schools trying to get away from those big bass.
    Oh Well I digress, IM me and maybe we can wet a line together. I need to prefish portage for some upcomming tournis. Lets do it.