who wants a FREE lunch ????????

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by millerlgt22, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. if you help me move. from brooklyn to garfield hts
    the wife is making grilled polish susage and awsome pasta salad
    heck i will even thow in some beer :)

    it will only be 1
    17-26 foot truck
    pm me if intrested moving on sat the 26 am
  2. is it Real Polish Keilbasa.... or the junk in a package from Giant eagle??

    LOL .. couln't resist..I had too...

    hope ur move goes well.. i would But i have Continuning Education classes all day on Sat...BOOOOOO


  3. both some grandma mades stuff <YUM> and junk store stuff
  4. That scared everyone off :p :p
    Good luck with your move. We moved from GH 5 years ago. It is still a nice place to live. And, if you haven't tried them yet... Try the kielbasa from Peter's Supermarket on Turney (1st light north of Garfield Park)... The only place that would buy it (and I usually make my own)

    Frank - I've got some homemade set aside for The Chow Fest Before Hawg Fest, if it happens this year....