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Who sells Williams Wabler Spoons in Akron/Cleveland area? Need very very soon!

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by ohiojmj, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. I'm leaving for Quebec real soon and just noticed I am almost out of Williams Wabler spoons. The wor great on pike. Need to pick some up but can't find them in any stores. I know Cabelas has them, but no time for online order.
  2. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    what is it? is it like a barney spoon?

  3. I Can Tell Ya 1 Thing,pike Will Hit Almost Anything..dont Worry If You Cant Find Em.....
  4. It's an oval shaped spoon, slightly arched, with a raised rib down the center. They flutter in the water and I think that's the key. Daredevil's have a simple tight vibrating pattern that's ok, but the Wabler always seems to outfish the dd by about 10:1. Hammered pure silver or 24k gold in the 1/2 or 3/4 oz work well on pike (and walleye at times) for me. They are popular in Canada.

    I know that pike will hit many rigs, but like to have my favorite spoon along with pike sized spinnerbait, a large Mepps arsenal, Bombers, and Rapala floating minnows/husky jerks/deep divers/tail dancers plus a few good old hot'ntots, some big rubber minnows, walleye divers, and a variety of top water stuff.
  5. I have used various types of spoons up in Canada as well for the pike. But I have not had the Williams Wabbler yet. I have heard a lot of good reports about them and I think I may try to pick up a couple prior to my trip next month. Hopefully I will get a silver and a gold and give both a try.
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