Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by biteme, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. Just another really bad game. They can't run, They can't pass, They can't block, Who in there right mind puts smith and gathers in pass coverage? Rudy needs to go he can not get over 2 yards. The coaching staff just blows someone needs to go. I have had enough I have just adopted the browns atleast they put up an effort and yes they got screwed today.

    WINNER I hate Cleveland.

    If you were a Cincy fan and you now root for the clowns, then just stay rooting for them.


  3. Your right it is unbelievable..one season with a wining record in the last 17. When do you say enough is enough of watching a team that does not have a will to win. I am no coach but my god why run rudy and watch him tap dance. his average was 2.3 yards and watson was 4.5 yards I think I would give watson more carries. why do you drop smith back in coverage and not let him rush the QB he is 280 pounds and trying to run backwards into pass coverage. UNBELIEVABLE IS RIGHT