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Who is into RC cars/trucks?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by NickRummy, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Anyone have RC cars/trucks/boats/planes as another hobby?

    I'm a gearhead but don't want to spend the money on 1:1 size vehicles so RCs have become a huge interest. I only own a few that I have bought and run. I mostly use a few factory parts and then build my own chassis and built the truck up from there. I really like trail style trucks. Straight axles made for mud and just beating on.

    Here are a few from my fleet


    This ones not as extreme and is more scale. I'm looking for a boat to haul behind it. Even if I can't get the trailer with it I can make a trailer.

  2. gas or electric? how do they hold up to the water lol

  3. well those two are electric and I have built them to be waterproof. See :D



    Here is a body off shot of the F150 I built


    I do have a nitro one too.

  4. Nice Rigs mate, Is that a Wheelie King?
    Here is a pic of my Rock Crawler

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  5. Well this doesn't really fall under RC car or truck but I have been competing with "battlebots" for quite some time now.

    Here are some pictures:

    Some specs:
    The robot weighs in at 120lbs, and spins a 35lb Titanium shell with hardened
    S7 tool steel teeth on it at close to 3000RPM. All of the parts I designed on my computer in Autodesk Inventor and either machined them myself, or had them CNC machined...the shell was cut with a waterjet though.

    I am a Mechanical Engineering student at OSU but this is not a college project, I have been competing with these since I was in high school in various competitions across the country.

    Check out the video of some of its fights: (it's the 2nd to last video - called Bliss Highlights)
  6. wow sweet stuff guys!

    Ausdave, yes that is a wheely king!

    What all is on your rig? any body off shots? I don't see drive shafts so I'm assuming those are clod axles? I built an all out 2.2 rock crawler last year but sold it because I couldn't find any other guys around who were into rock crawling... Here is what it looked like.

    Designed it in CAD first


    then I made the chassis out of 1/4" clear acrylic at work. Here is one of the only body off shots. This was an old battery pack. I ran an 8 cell AA pack for the 55t motors and a 5 cell AA pack for the blue bird servos.



    Here is a short little video of the crawler on some steps Sarge/?action=view&current=Clod.flv

    Here is a video of the wheely king Harris/?action=view&current=WKbashing.flv

    Carp, that thing is SICK!!! We are trying to get inventor at work. I'm ashamed to admit we still use R14 right now....... How do you do at the competitions?
  7. starcraft

    starcraft Sponser MHS

    Used to race R/c cars many years ago. We had local races on Mock rd in columbus. It was a blast we had regional and national events. There was 2wd and 4wd and trucks in stock and mod classes. Not trying to brag but iam still regonal champion in 4wd stock 93:p Won the race running a schmacher cat great car in those days. For 2wd drive i mostly ran a RC10. They still race at the franklin fairgounds out past dublin. This was 10th scale i still have my 12th scale carpet car laying around and a few parts might put up a pics of my ventage stuff.
  8. ahhhh yeh I remember the RC10's. Good stuff right there.

    I had a stadium truck a while back. It was an rc10t3. I raced a few times out in medina but it was a bit to far of a drive to show up all the time.
  9. Nah, those arent Clod axles mate, she's TXT based, so it's a shafty alright!

    I also have a Traxxas Rustler stadium truck which takes care of the "Need for speed"!

    I'm the same as you, as in, I am the only person in my area with a Crawler, sucks, but I still have fun with it!

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  10. ahhh I can see the shaft in that pic! nice!!! I was wondering why the heck that servo was mounted way up there and being TXT axles that makes sense! I have a set of TXT axle casings at home but still need to get internals.

    What tranny/motor are you using?
  11. The one in the pic has only competed once and had some bugs to work out and went 1-2. Each fight though either the other bot, my bot, or us both got destroyed.

    I used to have another 120lb robot that competed 3 times and took 2nd and
    1st, it was a pretty stable and simple design...I will see if I can find some pictures of it.
  12. dodgeboy, how do you like that mammoth st? my brother bought one last year and has done nothing but work on it. He has upgraded about EVERYTHING on it except the motor. Dadders braces, aluminum hinge pin hit, center diff and swapped out planetary gears for spider gears etc....
  13. I have a Losi XXT that I play around with every now and then. I've only raced it once, I'd like to race it more, but the closest track to run at in the winter time is almost 70 miles away. In the summer spring, summer, and fall, I'm too busy with our mini-late model (4 cyl), watching sprint cars, and chasing fish to race the RC.
  14. The Mammoth is the one of the fastest trucks, Faster than 3.3 Revo, LOSI LST2/Aftershock and Montser Gt. ( My friends have those trucks and I out run them). It does give me problems, mainly tranny/spur gears. I have left mine stock except for putting silicone oil in my diffs. I would like to try the center diff, has your brothers truck slowed down with it installed???
  15. Haven't got the chance to run it with the center diff yet. We took the truck out to the race track in medina to run around and he toasted that 2 speed in about 30 minutes since it didn't have a slipper on it. I'm guessing it will be a little slower in the top end. Here are a few pics I snapped of his ST.


  16. K gonefishin

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    I'm jelous those are some pretty cool trucks and cars you guys have there. I've always wanted a gas powered boat to screw around with while trolling on Erie I could sit on my bow seat and drive it around waiting for rods to start singing.
  17. gonefishin, I've wanted the same thing! I don't really care if its nitro or electric. I've always wanted a boat. I want a boat that I can haul behind one of my RC trucks. Check out this thing. Operational outboard motor is AWESOME. The boat itself looks a bit toyish. Comes with a trailer too but its not pictured**&P=ML

    and check out this thing. Electric brushless power and 40MPH out of the box!!!!!**&P=ML
  18. Haven't got the chance to run it with the center diff yet. We took the truck out to the race track in medina to run around and he toasted that 2 speed in about 30 minutes since it didn't have a slipper on it. I'm guessing it will be a little slower in the top end. Here are a few pics I snapped of his ST.

    I agree, these trucks do need a slipper. Awesome pic of the jump!!
  19. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    One of my brothers is really into the RC scene. He even went down to Daytona for the RC Nationals a few years back. He ended up being the fastest qualifier in the nation, and third overall in actual racing. He's pretty much an RC nut.