Who is going to the musky show this weekend

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  1. Just wondering so I can put some more screen names with faces. Brian
  2. I'll be there Saturday.

  3. All the info is on their website www.ohiomuskieshow.com but it is at the Buckeye Hall of Fame Cafe in Columbus.
  4. I wanted to go up there, but just too much going on this Saturday. BPS Fishing Classic starts on Saturday, my club is making sinkers on the same day as well, and the Muskie show....just too much to do and not enough time for the show.

    However though Pete Maina is doing 2 seminars at Bass Pro here in Cincy on Saturday, so at least I will get to see some muskie stuff.
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    I would definately check out Pete's seminars. He is just such a cool guy and he REALLY knows muskies. Very easy guy to talk to as well.

    As for the Musky Show, I might. Not sure yet. My budget is tiny and those lures are soooooooooooo expensive(there's a tuff shad in there with my name on it, lol). I should know by tomorrow, but if I do go it will most likely be on Friday evening to avoid the Saturday crowds and Sunday lack of inventory/colors.
  6. I'll be there around noon
  7. Went last night. Listened to Seminars from Chad Cain and Ton Dietz. Both were very informative. Plenty of vendors selling lures. Of course we had to buy some new ones.