Who Has Leveled The Front-End of Their Truck Using Coil Spacers??

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by ErieAngler, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. ErieAngler

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    Have you had any problems?

    I'm looking at a 3'' spring spacer kit for the front-end, made by Truxxxx. Coil overs are the way to go but wayyyyy too much $$.

    I've heard so many mixed opinions on these leveling kits in general. I want to do it but I don't want to risk busting up the front end, such as the ball joints binding up.

    Thanks guys.
  2. sporty

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    I lifted/leveled my Ram 1500 with the torsion bars. I've read that's how Dodge leveled out the newer models. I did that about 30,000 miles ago and no problems. I got 2" (9 turns no the torsion adjuster bolts) that way which is just what my truck needed to get level. I don't know that you could get 3" that way though.

  3. i would just change out the springs, i wouldnt do spacers, jmo
  4. What kind of truck are you planning on leveling?
  5. MAKtackle

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    I have! But with 3" you'll want to space the front diff down. 2" on mine, suppose to be "leveling kit" but had to ad spacer to rear also. No BALLJOINT issues, no CV issues! Will do it again to my new one.
    07 dbl cab Tundra 5.7
  6. ErieAngler

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    Did you use blocks or add a leaf for the back? If you used blocks, have you towed much with your vehicle? Have heard mixed reviews on blocks as well.

    I was planning on droping the differential if I did level out the front-end. You can either do a 3 and 1 (front / rear) or just a 3 in the front.

    I'm also looking at super springs to help with towing, these things are supposed to be the cats meow when it comes to improving your ride and controling sway. They dont lift the truck so you have your stock ride and they only engage when under load. They will run you $350.
  7. ErieAngler

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  8. im sure someone makes a 3 inch lift spring that would replace the spring on the front, unless you went with a 2 inch lift spring and a 1 inch lift spindle or turn buckle, just do all the research, lowering and lifting isnt that hard to do with every day hand tools, just takes a lil longer if you dont have air tools.

    check skyjacker for front lift coil springs.
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  9. You never did say what kind of truck you want to do this to?
  10. ErieAngler

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    Tundra - I ended up going with a Truxxx 2.5 inch spacer. When it gets in and I get it installed I'll let everyone know how it goes. Thanks for all the info guys.
  11. MAKtackle

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    Used blocks in the rear.... Have had NO issues and tow 21ft'er. Also will tow utility trailer with 4 wheelers and one in the bed. Went with the block for ride quality and ease of installation. Both of these modifications did NOT change ride quality at all.